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IRS Warnings to Bitcoin Traders Offer Clues to Coming Tax Guidance Bitcoin Price Faces Struggle to Hold Above $11K After Range Breakdown Coinbase UK Dropping Support for Cryptocurrency Zcash Colu May Buy Back ICO Tokens in Pivot Away From Blockchain New Zealand Tax Office Makes It Legal to Pay Salaries in Crypto IBM, Tata Become First Big Techs to Back Hedera Blockchain Goldman Sachs Analysts’ Slide Suggests Now’s a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin China’s Central Bank ‘Close’ to Launching Official Digital Currency


IRS Warnings to Bitcoin Traders Offer Clues to Coming Tax Guidance
· The IRS’ recent warning letters to 10,000 traders offer hints at what its forthcoming guidance on crypto taxes might say.
· While the letters are not guidance, the tea leaves indicate the IRS might be changing its required methods for calculating the value of crypto holdings and the forms and schedules for reporting them.
· Major questions remain unresolved, including how hard forks and airdrops should be treated.
Bitcoin Price Faces Struggle to Hold Above $11K After Range Breakdown
· Bitcoin’s short duration charts indicate the bears are in control and prices could drop below $11,000 in the next 24 hours.
· A strong bounce from the 5- and 10-week moving averages at $10,804 and $10,625, respectively, could fuel a rise back to $12,000.
· A high-volume weekly close (Sunday, UTC) or a back-to-back daily close above $12,000 is needed to revive the bullish outlook.
Coinbase UK Dropping Support for Cryptocurrency Zcash
· The U.K. arm of Coinbase appears to be dropping support for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency zcash.
· The cryptocurrency exchange gave no specific reason for the removal of the cryptocurrency but said all remaining ZEC balances on Aug. 26 will be automatically converted to British pounds in users accounts.
Colu May Buy Back ICO Tokens in Pivot Away From Blockchain
· Blockchain startup Colu will repurchase approximately 54 million tokens sold during its $17 million ICO from those that participated in the crowd-sale.
· The company launched the token project in four cities, including London, Liverpool and Tel Aviv. It received an additional $14.5 million from financial and insurance company IDB Group for the project.
· Professor of behavioral economics: “Colu DLT’s decision to purchase CLN tokens appears unprecedented in the industry. It demonstrates how the Colu Group’s core values guide its actions. The Colu Group is focused on fostering relations between municipalities, local businesses, residents, and other city stakeholders. These relationships rely on the very same kind of trust and consideration, which is now being shown towards CLN token holders. It is wonderful to see the Colu Group following their ethical standards not just in words but in action. Such acts of giving up profits for the benefits of customers, partners, and investors are crucial to this tech sector if we want it to continue to evolve and grow.”
New Zealand Tax Office Makes It Legal to Pay Salaries in Crypto
· New Zealand’s tax office, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), has made it legal to receive salaries in cryptocurrency, and be taxed accordingly.
· The crypto asset being paid must also be able to be exchanged for fiat currency, and must have the primary purpose of acting like a currency or be pegged to the price of one or more fiat currencies
· As far as tax goes, salaries paid in crypto assets will be treated as PAYE (pay as you earn) income payments. These are deducted by the employer and passed onto the tax department.
IBM, Tata Become First Big Techs to Back Hedera Blockchain
· IBM and Indian telecom company Tata Communications have joined the governance council of Hedera Hashgraph, a blockchain-like public network for enterprises.
· Now, eight of the 39 available spots for governing council members are filled.
· Principal offering manager of the IBM Blockchain Platform: “The most exciting part is the proposed Hedera Consensus Service. It has the potential to provide the core innovation of proof-of-work blockchains, like bitcoin and ethereum, without the performance and privacy trade-offs that are typically associated with these networks.”
Goldman Sachs Analysts’ Slide Suggests Now’s a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin
· Market intel from Goldman Sachs suggests investors should capitalize on the current price dip and buy bitcoin.
· Goldman said that the short-term target for bitcoin (BTC) is $13,971 and that investors should consider buying on any dips in the current scenario.
· Goldman Note: “Any such retracement from $12,916-$13,971 should be viewed as an opportunity to buy on weakness as long as it doesn’t retrace further than the $9,084 low,”
China’s Central Bank ‘Close’ to Launching Official Digital Currency
· Deputy director of the payments unit at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), said its researchers have been hard at work since last year to complete the systems needed to support the digital yuan offering and that it is “close to being out.”
· Early in July, the former governor of the PBoC Zhou Xiaochuan said that Libra poses a threat to payments systems and national currencies.
· Zhou argued that the Chinese government should “make good preparations and make the Chinese yuan a stronger currency,” and that “commercial entities” could be allowed to issue digital yuans, as Hong Kong allows with its dollar.
(All citations of the News Digest are taken from Coindesk.)
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06-21 05:23 - 'I need help ..... I don't want to die......' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/whoamip007 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

Hello friends Me p from india and I want some help please let me know what should I do in this situation... my life in a small story I am m(30) born in middle-class family my life started at the age 7 years boy my mother was very good but she died when I was 7 years boy after my mom dead me and my sister grownup in grandmother house.. And I started to work at the age 13 I mean my grandmother sent me to work but I was a good in studies as well one of the topper in class then 3 years gap then directly passed 1st class through corresponds then joined college then stoped graduation then worked for so many companies but one good time joined for usa process call center (online pharmacy) after 3 years started my own center with partner everything was going fine At that point was earning $5000 to $8000 at that point I fel in love with a girl then 2 years we were in love in that time I came out of our grandmother house due to some problems at home but after 2 year I went to her home and spoke to her mother about our love but her brother police guy treated me like hell in police station then due to that depression and love breakup I committed suicide by cutting my neck but I dint die but went to depression and addicted to alcohol at that point I left the concentration on business my partner was giving me some money every month even I was not much interested in doing that work selling medication one day I asked him about sales he said too much lies then I left with all sales and walked out I was very much interested in mobile app I started my own company developed the app I spent all my money on pre launching the app and office work then I had a person who was ready to invest for my app marketing but similar app came in the market musically so he said can't do the investment later on I was unable to handle office and employees salary so closed it after this real things started like friends family others everyone start seeing me as looser and no body is ready to help me except my only sister I have that project on hold due to funding but from this 2 years struggling like anything I can't go to work outside then thought of doing the old business for time being but there again long gap no customers if I get someone they ask for free sample where am not in that situation even I send free sample to few customer but only 1 or 2 paid and still they are with me but all others cheated me at this point And I have no money to do business or survival am in my sister house And won't talk to any old friends or new friends I won't go out only but yesterday I lost some money in it was urgent money but now feeling what should I do? I felt just loose (die) the life... I had dreams now no interest only I have but no money to do anything tel me anyone can help me with money. I will sure give back in 1 or 2 months even my company closed my bank account is in negative balance bad credit score I am not getting help anywhere my sister also facing loans problem which she helped me so even no rights to die.. please I do understand people can give suggestions which helps to feel better but really helps in money matter which gives me new life to restart and I do understand how poor attitude is asking for money but real situation is this when you fail in business nearby people won't believe you that too I was very attitude guy was raiding my modified cars and all people may not willing to help me so sharing this information here let me see ... anyone can help me also am planing for shopify dropshipping and bitcoin trading if I get some money
Hope for the good
Thanks for your time
I need help ..... I don't want to die......
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Why should you bother with anything?

The question I find myself asking a lot lately is: Why bother? This question applies to many different domains, I'd like to cover a few here.
Why bother with relationships? I talked to a friend the other day, who said he's happier now than he ever was in a relationship. He's (ridiculously) handsome, intelligent and kind. How can he be happier now than he was in a relationship? Easy. The average young woman has half a dozen "male friends" hovering around her, who are starved and willing to swap places with the guy at any moment, so the woman behaves abusively.
Then the next problem becomes that you're eventually going to break up. In my case, breaking up means I get around half a year of depression free of charge, during which I'm effectively emotionally crippled. So the conclusion is that you enter into an interaction that doesn't genuinely make you happier but merely sets you up for depression.
Of course it doesn't end here. In college every man is equal, as long as you lie about what your parents do for a living -I figured that one out fast. I'd tell girls my mother deals in art whereas in reality she buys shit on flea markets and sells it on the internet.- After that, the split emerges. Some guys end up having well-paying full time jobs that require them to wear suits, others perform blue color labor, become NEETs or work in retail forever. The women end up fighting over the guys who have good jobs.
This raises the obvious question if you're really dealing with love, if the woman would never want to be with you if you were actually an unemployed NEET rather than a white collar office drone. Her attraction to you is based on something you do begrudgingly. How can she love you, rather than a mask you put on for the outside world?
Why bother with jobs? The question is: Is it really worth it, working hard at some job to remain attractive to women?
"Well you get a better salary too!" Alright, now factor in all the taxes you pay and subsidies you no longer qualify for. What's left? With a good job, you won't accidentally run into your old classmates while wearing some humiliating uniform. That's about it. What do you do with the extra money anyway? Do you have a lab in your basement where you breed human-animal hybrids? Do you overthrow foreign governments with it? No, you have a slightly bigger house and a better looking car.
"But by the time you're 70, if you had a good job you'll be rich!" By the time I'm seventy, I'll have a bald head, a belly so big I can't see my dick and a wife with a moustache. Then when I drop dead, my kids will have to split the money and pay inheritance taxes over it, but the kids by then will be in their forties and already have their course in life set out for them and so they'll use the money they inherited for useless crap because they won't be able to do something meaningful with it.
Why bother having kids? This is the next question we arrive at. It's fine to have kids, in fact it seems like fun and I kind of yearn to have children, but I doubt it's a good idea. To start with, there's roughly a fifty/fifty chance that you'll divorce the person you reproduce with, causing your children to grow up in a broken family. When this happens to a man he's screwed, because now his salary goes to child support payments and there is literally no reason left not to sit around on your ass and watch tel sell commercials all day long.
The second point to understand is that I don't have anything to pass on to my children. Do I have a culture or tradition I'd like to pass onto them? Not really. Do I own a company they can work at? No. Do I have a trade I can teach them? No. Do I have a farm they can inherit? No. It's a mystery to me how they will earn a living, because my own job won't even exist by the time they're adults and I haven't got the slightest clue how to prepare them for the prospect of earning a wage. All I know is that "follow your dreams" won't get them very far.
The biggest problem I see is that I'm preparing them for a future that's not very enviable. They'll probably spend the first 22 years of their lives being "educated". Then they'll spend the next fifty years or so working. It's not something they choose to do, they'll have it forced upon them. Young people today are by all relevant metrics less happy than their own parents and grandparents, so if that trend continues, it becomes questionable whether it's desirable to have children.
Why bother having friends? I can count my friends on one hand. Why is that? To start with, I got rid of the fair weather friends. Try being really honest to a friend about how you feel day to day. If they can't deal with that, they're an acquaintance, not a friend. I also got rid of the friends whose interaction with me was limited to some particular social circle or activity. I no longer feel like being your wingman at the shitty bar you go to with all your others friends where you try to pick up chicks because your overweight girlfriend is insufficient to make you feel attractive. If you don't feel like doing something else with me, are we really friends?
The consequence is that I have friends I can really genuinely relate to. But it also means I don't have many friends.
Why bother going out? I used to go out quite a bit as a NEET/college student. How did I afford it? My bicycle gets me quite far and I'm an expert at hiding in the toilet when they're checking your ticket in the train too. I even found money on the street when I went to a party once. Money is not a real concern to me, it somehow always lands in my lap. Did I mention I bought Bitcoin at 90 and sold at 2700? I digress...
The only times I went somewhere that was genuinely fun was with my girlfriend though. I'd listen to the music, but most of the time it would sound worse than it does on youtube and it would be so loud that it hurts my eardrums. The music is too loud to have meaningful conservations and the women don't feel like taking home a NEET even if you're good looking. So, you start working full time eventually to get your life on track, but now you find that you're too tired at the end of the day to go out.
Why bother with jobs, part two
Sorry, we have to go over this one again. Employment goes at the cost of anonymity. If you're unemployed or work at some retail store somewhere, you're anonymous. If you have a halfway decent job, you need to have a linkedin profile and a profile on your boss's site. So now your very identity is tied to something that's not really you. "Why do you care about anonymity?" It allows me not to let something define me. If I look back one day at this subreddit and think "Gee I was an idiot" I'm free to delete it all and nobody would be any the wiser.
If I have a job, or an occupation, it ends up tied to my name for all eternity. I'll go into the grave and the eulogy will characterize me as profession X. I'm happy to shed my anonymity when I can produce something I'd be genuinely proud to associate my name with. The reality remains however, I'm not about to write the next Wuthering Heights. Emily Brontë had the privilege of only having her excellence shared with the world, not her mediocrity. I'd rather be associated with nothing than with mediocrity.
Participating in this society means my mediocrity will be broadcast to the world, not my excellence. When I find it, I'll be happy to broadcast it, but until that time I'd rather stay in the shadows. Participation in society forces me to leave the shadows. Before you know it, you have a cell phone, a facebook account and a website. Why bother?
Why bother living in a house?
The prospect of legit homelessness appeals to me. To start with, you're left with very few obligations. Second, every day is an adventure as you never know where you'll sleep. I spent weeks in Scandinavia, simply living in my tent. You can't find a wife to live in a tent, heck I could never get my girlfriend to go camping with me, but if you don't bother with relationships, the whole point to buying a house kind of fades away. Why tie yourself to a plot of land? Why enter a debt to someone, just so you can buy a house? Why live in a place where the police can visit you in the middle of the night?
"Well what about showers?" Easy. I put on my swimming pants and step into the lake. That's what I did in Scandinavia, works fine every time. "You'll get a nasty beard!" Scissors are cheap and do the job just fine. Most homeless people suffer mental illness, that's what makes being homeless miserable. It's not an intrinsically miserable existence. A garden? Ha, You'll have the world's biggest garden, it needs zero maintenance!
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02-18 09:31 - 'Vertegenwoordiger IBC Worldwide Bitcoin' (self.belgium) by /u/ThibauldBitcoin removed from /r/belgium within 40-45min

IBC worldwide te Gent is op zoek naar gedreven, enthousiaste vertegenwoordigers.
Als vertegenwoordiger bezoek je diverse prospecten en bouw je actief een klantenbestand uit. Je bent in staat om de juiste balans te vinden tussen adviseren (productpresentatie) en het verkopen van producten. Je hebt de drive om te scoren zonder het klantenbestand uit het oog te verliezen. Je kunt zowel zelfstandig als in teamverband functioneren. Je bent een echte doorzetter die graag zijn targets wil halen om zo de nodige commissies extra binnen te halen. Je bent uiteraard enthousiast en in het bezit van een wagen. De juiste instelling en doorzettingsvermogen zijn wel essentieel.
Na een korte maar krachtige opleiding wordt u opgenomen in een team van bestuurders die de commerciële strategie omzet in de praktijk en duurzame relaties opbouwt met de klanten.

U spreekt uitstekend Nederlands en beheerst de Engelse taal voldoende.

U bent bereidt om opleiding te volgen.

U bent een teamplayer

U bent ambitieus

U bent vriendelijk en vindt het leuk om met mensen te werken

Managementskills zijn een extra troef.
U hebt een duidelijke visie en kan deze samen met een team medewerkers verwezenlijken. Wij bieden u de nodige opleidingen die u moet toelaten om binnen de 90 dagen een succesvolle carriere uit te bouwen De opleidingen gaan door in het hoofdkantoor te Gent.
Jobgerelateerde competenties De klantenwerving administratief opvolgen en het team informeren Het plan voor klantenwerving ontwerpen en de klantbezoeken plannen Producten presenteren of demonstreren bij de klant en advies geven Commerciële acties uitvoeren tijdens evenementen De bestelling (beschikbaarheid van producten, leveringstermijn, behandeling van klachten, ...) en de klanten (getrouwheidsacties, tevredenheidsenquêtes, aanmaningen, ...) opvolgen De activiteiten van een team coördineren Het commerciële voorstel uitwerkenSamen met de klant de voorwaarden van de verkoopovereenkomst of de prijsraming overeenkomen Een bijdrage leveren aan de commerciële en marketingstrategie van de onderneming Persoonsgebonden competenties flexibel zijn samenwerken omgaan met stress nauwkeurig werken bereid zijn tot leren creatief zijn resultaatgericht werken plannen en organiseren commercieel inzicht hebben zelfstandig werken sociaal vaardig zijn klantgericht zijn Solliciteer nu Vereiste studies: Diploma secundair onderwijs
Heb je niet het vereiste diploma, maar wel de nodige ervaring, dan kom je ook in aanmerking voor deze job.
Talenkennis ENGELS (goed) NEDERLANDS (goed) WerkervaringBeperkte ervaring: ( < 2 jaar ) Rijbewijs B vereist
Contract Vaste Job Contract van onbepaalde duur Voltijds Vermoedelijke startdatum: 20 februari 2016 Vergoeding
min. 3000 euro bruto per maand Plaats [link]1

Uitgebreide training van onze diensten en sales training zowel online als offline.

Motiverend salaris.


Bedrijfswagen ( Enkel te verkrijgen als u volop aan het werk bent)

Reële mogelijkheden tot doorgroeien.

Onmiddelijke indiensttreding

Extra individuele bonus per aangemaakt contract en bijhorende incentive's

Een zelfstandig baan met veel vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid. Plaats tewerkstelling TOPSUCCESS Gaston Crommenlaan 4/5019050 GENT
Waar en hoe soliciteren?
Tel: 0468/28.61.75 via e-mail: [email protected]
Vertegenwoordiger IBC Worldwide Bitcoin
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1: tewerkstelling:GENT
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Bitcoin, die Blockchain und Kryptowährungen Tutorial #1 - Einleitung Der mathematisch beste Zeitpunkt um Bitcoin zu kaufen Paying with Bitcoins in Israel Blockchain Programmiersprachen in 7 Minuten verstehen! YouTube

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Bitcoin Adoption by Country. Bitcoin market penetration is an important part of the development of the cryptocurrency industry. There are a lot of blockchain-related projects that have aims to provide Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education and popularize their use. The mass adoption of the digital coin is in its early stages and is not being performed widely, yet. Spot.Im, the Internet Company seeks for Bitcoin Salaries. The Internet Company, Spot.Im with offices in Tel Aviv had a recent discussion with the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). The meeting was primarily about exchange rates and expecting that the sides will reach some agreements by next month. However, the firm had planned that employees wish to accept his/her paycheck in Bitcoin so that ... So getting paid in Bitcoin at GMO is really a way to show that you're with the company program, not to mention that more circulating Bitcoin in the world is now also good for the company bottom line. See what employees say it's like to work at Bitcoin IRA. Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at Bitcoin IRA. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! Jobs. Jobs; Top Jobs at Bitcoin IRA; Bitcoin IRA Senior Software Engineer Jobs; Bitcoin IRA Software Engineer Jobs; Jobs Tips; 11 Recession-Proof Jobs ; How to Get a Job; The Perfect Resume Looks Like This; How to Write A Cover ...

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Bitcoin, die Blockchain und Kryptowährungen Tutorial #1 - Einleitung

In meinen Videos geht es um Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain und Kryptowährungen generell, um Scam, Abzocke und Betrug besonders im Mining keinen Platz zu geben. Ich spreche darüber, wie du schlau ... If you enjoyed this please like and subscribe, and if you want to be reminded every day when I upload, hit the bell! Are you a Digital Investor? Join the com... Chaine d'information Sans Limites TV éditée par le Groupe GSL Communication, Ouest Foire Dakar ( Sénégal ) Directeur de Publication : Yankhoba SANE SERVICE C... Kontakt: ️ E-Mail: [email protected] ️ Telegram: @coinchecktv Ich nehme keine Spenden mit Kryptowährungen an. Falls du mich unterstützen möchtest, kannst du das mit den Affiliate-Links ... Julian Hosp - Blockchain, Krypto, Bitcoin 37,471 views 56:24 Wie und wo man Bitcoins & alle Kryptowährungen kaufen kann - Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung 💶 - Duration: 14:01.