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Why the fuck did Adam Back not mine any bitcoin?

This is not trollbait, I'm genuinely interested. I've just been reading this site https://www.gwern.net/docs/2008-nakamoto and it seems to me that Adam Back was a key person in the history of bitcoin. It's very surprising to me that he didn't fire up a miner back in 2009, given that he knew about bitcoin before the genesis block. I thought he may have done some mining just to see it in action for himself, but no.
Can anyone explain why he didn't? He must be really regretting it now, and I kind of feel sorry for the guy.
Quote from Adam from that web page:
If like Hal Finney I’d actually tried to run the miner back then, I may too be sitting on some genesis/bootstrap era coins. Alas I own not a single bitcoin which is kind of ironic as the actual bitcoin mining is basically my hashcash invention…
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Bitcoin may very well have sparked a crypto revolution, but can it be the last coin standing?

I think the genius of Bitcoin comes from the fact that the creator(s) picked clever technologies and good ideas in a wide variety of disciplines and brought them together in a system that just works, and released it at the right time.
However in each discipline the individual choices aren't exactly optimal, and a lot of them can be questioned:
I'm not criticizing Bitcoin, but I am worried that now that the foundations are laid, only one of the three scenarios will become true:
I'm full-on bullish on crypto, but I'd love to be convinced that Bitcoin is a good candidate to win the adoption race. What do you guys think?
EDIT: Removed the 21M Bitcoin argument. My point is that having a finite supply could be debated, obviously not the value of that limit.
Also: I've been asking myself these questions for a while now, and stumbled upon this article recently. It makes a lot of very valid points and raises a lot of questions for debate. If you're long-term Bitcoin bullish, you should really read it.
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