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Result from going through 100's of cryptocurrency projects on

I will be the first person to tell you that I am not an "expert" and this is not financial advise. What I am sharing with you is some information based on my experience in the cryptocurrency world. It should be taken with an open, yet skeptical mind (As with anything you read). There will be somethings included that might not be relevant to what you are looking for or desire. I will not go into a lot of details on things you may not need to know.
My goal is to educate people and to share my knowledge. Not every project I picked has made it big. But, they are still around and kicking. I am never really in a rush to give my money to someone else- in hope for profits. I take my time, and I research. However, in the past several days, I had a very full plate. With so many projects, I had to come up with a system to filter through them at a reasonable speed. If you are investing in one project, it is worth spending A LOT of time researching it. You want to be confident that when you hand your money over to that project, that it is in the best hands for a LONG period of time.
If not, you will NOT be at ease in the long term.
My approach:
With over over 10,000 cryptocurrency projects listed on, I needed to come up with a plan on how to get through them in a timely manner. First, I came up with some parameters. Which means I had an idea on what I was looking for. It's similar to looking for a girl you think you want. You want to find one that fit your taste. Maybe she is 5'5, 130 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, big titties, nice ass, out-going personality, had 0 kids, never married, wants kids, and has a great relationship with her parents. The particulars details matter when choosing a long term partner.
Well, let's say you needed to pick your ideal girl out of 10,000"girls" in one venue in a matter of days. The easiest attribute to start out with is height. You can eyeball a girl who is around 5'5. To be efficient, you wouldn't go up to each girl and measure how tall she is with a tape measure. It would be better to just walk around the room, and pick out which ones that appeared to be that height, and put them to the side to come back to later.
Next would be the hair. Easy to spot a girl with blonde hair. After a while of going around the room full of women, you begin getting really fast at picking the right height and hair color of girl you want. But you still have more attributes that you need to get to.
As with these projects, you have now narrowed down the list, but still have so much to go. The picked projects appealed to you at a glance. A glance doesn't mean thorough.
(The cons of this approach: there will surely be some girls (or projects) that slip through the cracks. Maybe you missed a 5'5 girl because she was bending down to pick something up, or you missed a blond girl because she was wearing a hat. This is bound to happen, and is nearly unavoidable when going through so many projects in a short period of time.
The chosen projects have a at least ONE developer, a working product, etc. Next, you need to research the team and the motivations. Are they really interested in this project or are they just doing it for the money? Is the product REALLY working or is it a clone, or a prototype? These are just a few things that need to be investigated.
There are many people who are after a quick buck. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with making money when an opportunity presents itself. If you can easily help someone and make money, that is a win-win. However, as I mention earlier, I am looking for projects that will last for years. So, I do my best to avoid fly by night outfits. And there are plenty.
Once you have narrowed down your list of projects, you will likely have only a handful that appeared to match your criteria. At this point, it is time to dive even deeper into the project. You need to make sure that blonde is REALLY a blonde, and not a wig or colored. Don't just ask her, touch it, pull it; meaning try out the working product. Check it out, it is free. If you don't like, ask if there is

anything that is going to be done to fix it in the future.

My tools:
My best tool is my common sense, and yours too. If something looks TOO good, it probably is. With today's information being at our finger tips, it is EASY to post questions to forums, and channels to have your question addressed. Don't be afraid to call a spade a spade. You may be wrong, or you ay be right. But ask regardless This is your money and you want to sleep easy at night.
My preferences:
In my book, I go in depth about MY preferences when choosing a product to invest in. I mention the pros and cons to everything. It is up to you to decide what is important for you. As I mentioned earlier- you and I are different. You may be looking for short term whereas I am looking for long term. You will develop a preference after spending time looking at the first 30 or so projects. You'll begin noticing red flags immediately; you'll be able to identify the crazy girl in an instant. You know which questions to ask.
Here is a tip: Ask questions about the project in the most popular place where everyone can see. Why? Because you want answers and it is your money. Nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. If people make fun of your question, who cares? And you can ask it in multiple locations, just to make sure YOU understand. And many communities will welcome this and others won't. Who cares?
With all that being said, I will list some of my **preliminary results. I will like to take the opportunity tell you the way they have been graded. When initially picking out the project, I would grade everything across the board. This took up too much time. It would have taken me months that way. Then, I switch to nearly a binary grading scale. Yes or No, If No, don't even add them to my chart. If Yes, was it a Super Yes or a maybe- need more research. Some would get a B, C, or D. I wouldn't even add an 'F' to my list at first. The F's were cause by being added then realizing the project was worthless to me. ("Dude looks like a lady" comes to mind)
**'A' meaning super good.
'F' meaning fuck off**
Then, when going back through the B's, they would be either upgraded or downgraded, likely to an A or D. Same with the C's. At one point, I was putting nearly all qualifying projects as a C, only to come back later and drop it down or raise it up. I was able to get through hundreds of projects this way. There were a couple A's that turned to C's.
All In all, after going through probably over 1000 projects, I actually ended up adding ~150 projects. Out of those 150, most ended up as C's, D's, and F's. I was left with only a handful of TRUE A's. The B's were the toughest. It was either YES or NO for the B's.
In the name of not shilling, I won't list any A's. In the name of rewarding you for taking the time to read this, I will release some of my preliminary results. If you want my thoughts on any particular project, let me know. If you disagree with a grade, please let me know why. Or ask why I gave it that grade. There are filled I intentionally left out, as to not flood this post with too much info.
Coin Name views Replies R to V ratio Clearness of announcement Problem the coin is solving Year of creation Mainstream Competition Crypto Competition different platform Overall Grade (worth keeping an eye on?)
Mintcoin High (1 million +) High not clear D
DubaiCoin Medium Medium not clear C
Ryo Very low Low somewhat clear C
Coin Name
Internet of People
Pascal Coin
Bitcore- BTX
Ethereum Classic
Bitcoin Gold
sexeleven coin
Project Bitmark
Sale Live
DigitalNote [XDN]
Haven Protocol
Flake Chain
Mixin Network
DeepOnion ONION
QLC Chain
DeepOnion TOR
ROI Coin
Crypto- cto
cryply (CRP)
I have already graded these coins and more. If you don't see your coin, it either didn't make it on initially, or I removed it because more research was needed (it might have received an "A")
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Decentralized blockchain marketplace needs beta-testers and merchants.

Download beta here for Mac and Win:
This is a beta only running on a test blockchain called cakenet.
You will need to add a config file with these nodes: addnode= addnode=
You can mine test coins or contact us for seed coin.
Features needing testing:
We're looking for feedback and/or merchant partners.
Feedback/more info/support is available on Slack (you may require an invite)
or through Twitter @syscoin
or here on Reddit
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] The Truth about Obsidian (ODN) - Research and findings

The following post by BIGPOTHEAD is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/74or78
The original post's content was as follows:
First off I want to say I was a big supporter of ODN in the beginning. It was only after being in their slack and witnessing first hand some shady stuff that I began to ask questions and take a deeper dive into the team and project.
Jordan Schneider Known on Bitcoin talk as SageMark, SageFit, and Takicoin
Jordan is well known in the community as being the Marketing Director for the now infamous scam coin WDC in 2013 - 2014
He was actually a board member
He's accused of dumping his shares and leaving the project once it was discovered that WDC was a scam.
Some were not happy with the way he left WDC
He left to startup TakCoin!
Only one problem, he didn't have George's consent and he soon abandoned the project. Not before dumping on everyone!
Now he's back with Obsidian and up to his old tricks again but under a new name: SageMark
Here is a post on the current supply details for ODN
The 68.6 Million ODN that the team and company owns is actually closer to 77.4 Million coins since they have not burned the unsold coins from the ICO like they promised in the white paper to do by September 30th.
On October 4th a project was posted on github for the coin burning program and estimated it would take an additional 3 weeks to complete the burn. Plenty of time to pump and dump in the mean time
One of the best aspects of Obsidian is the OSM messenger which allegedly has been in development since 2014.
Why no other versions if in development since 2014? Only Windows 10? Where are the commits on Github for the project? The only one I saw was from July 28th
As of today, people still can't receive messages on the messenger app. You would have thought after 3 years of development they would have more than a just a GUI.
The team promoted the hell out of their "Advisors" Riccardo Spagni (Fluffy Pony) core programmer for Monero and Dan Wasyluk team manager of Syscoin.
They got called out for it and had to adjust their webpage
You can google all about the Fluffypony and ODN drama. He basically said he expected them to be jailed for security fraud.
Other interesting tidbits I've discovered and seen:
Current Lead Dev, Blackstone, who doesn't wish to share his real identity
[He recently joined Github but hasn't really contributed much.
There is very little in the C# slack channel but this was a good indication of why
The large focus has been on Wallet development so they could launch their ICO
Or maybe he's just too busy in Photoshop Making memes
You would think their other Dev, Alan Sheston,
would know that the 10% rewards come from inflation of 9.8 million coins a year and not included in the 98 million pre-mine
In closing, please be careful investing in ODN. As of this morning, the coin was dumping hard and I can only imagine it's the team dumping their 14.7 million coins.
Edit: They also broke two cardinal rules of the Crypto world. They changed the terms of the ICO during and extended it a week and they're constantly pumping the price and volume of ODN on twitter.
Edit 2: Now you have the lead developer in ODN slack shilling trading advice And drawing graphics!
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Team Call Notes - Feb 21, 2016

Team notes from the google hangout on reddit.
Syscoin 2.0 "Shade" Wallet Release and Hard Fork
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Bounty for SegWit Developer!

"I wanted to offer this potential bounty - and the target of this bounty is to an expert dev (not one who does not know how to compile bitcoin on windows and who has not done any github commits):
One of my side projects is creating a lightning network for BiblePay to allow us to trade with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Syscoin and others next year when Lightning gets more popular. Ive got a handle on running the LN server, and making the chosen Sanctuary host the channel and all that, that seems pretty straightforward for us.
But the part I need help with is merging SegWit into our core. Are there any devs out there that would like to give us a quote in BTC on merging Segwit into a branch of BiblePay (without rebasing)? Scope required and time estimate and what you want to charge us is fine for now. If its reasonable we might be able to make this one of our first IT budget items for the sanctuaries to vote on at Christmas.
[email protected]
I also posted this in:
BitcoinTalk - Project Management
Slack Team:
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Know The Coin: SysCoin Co-Founder, Blockchain Foundry CEO Dan Wasyluk Crypto Week Review - Binance Syscoin hack - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Verge, TokenPay, Ethos SysCoin Technical Analysis to Bitcoin Will Bitcoin soon be worth nothing? Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork) Siacoin, SysCoin, Lisk, Buy. When To Sell?

Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. History of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in 2008 by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.This account resumes the whole history of Bitcoin since 2008 to 2017 and 2018.. On 18 August 2008, the domain name was registered.. Later that year on October 31st, a link to a paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic ... Syscoin is a cryptocurrency that offers near zero cost financial transactions like Bitcoin and provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin supports a broad variety of marketplaces, ranging from the fully decentralized marketplaces to centralized business markets. Syscoin Technical Details. Blockchain Own Blockchain . Consensus ... PRESS RELEASE. The Corion and Syscoin non-profit foundations have announced a partnership to address blockchain market interoperability issues and accelerate stablecoin adoption. The CorionX IEO ... Syscoin Platform (SYS) is presented as a decentralized scalable blockchain for enterprise, a development platform, and an asset platform offering high throughput and scalability, low fees, the security of SHA256 merge mining, ease of token creation, and a unique form of decentralized cross-chain asset interoperability capable of working with many platforms without requiring intermediaries nor ...

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Know The Coin: SysCoin Co-Founder, Blockchain Foundry CEO Dan Wasyluk

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