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I'm Sam Lee, CEO of Bitcoin Group, CEO of the first publicly traded Bitcoin company on a major exchange, Ask Me Anything :) (bitcoin.com)

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Our COO @czhuling will join the #Binance 'Off the Charts' Live Panel

Our COO @czhuling will join the #Binance 'Off the Charts' Live Panel
Register here to view it live: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/binance-off-the-charts-virtual-conference-tickets-108855951080

Gold Sponsors: aelf, VITE, Elrond Network, Alchemy, IOST

Binance presents the “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, on July 14, 2020, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC).

About this Event

On July 14, 2020, join Binance as we kick off our third anniversary with one of the biggest blockchain events of the year.
Get the latest news and updates on all things blockchain and crypto, and take an exclusive look at what’s coming next at our “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, a blockbuster 10-hour live event with multi-regional programming that brings together 80+ influential speakers, including leading blockchain and crypto innovators, business and technology leaders, influential academics, and key policymakers.
Expect to hear the latest insights on the blockchain ecosystem from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders and visionaries. Join our can’t-miss event with powerful talks, breakthrough panels, opportunities to win prizes, and much more.
The “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference will feature five segments with spotlights on regions making a significant impact in the space: Europe & the UK, Asia-Pacific, Russia & CIS, Africa & Middle East, and North America & LATAM.
Discover an array of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats, on these following themes and more:
  • Powering Crypto Growth: Local blockchain trends and evolving technologies that are transforming crypto awareness and adoption.
  • Crypto Meets Traditional Finance: Exploring opportunities for integrated and parallel development.
  • Blockchain and Global Health: Crypto’s appeal in today’s volatile environment.
  • Policy and Regulation: Spearheading community initiatives through cooperation and investment.
  • Trading Strategies and Technical Analysis: Training and insights to improve your trading.
Hear from these speakers and more:
  • Akon - Chairman & Co-Founder, Akoin
  • Cliff Liang - Director of Solutions Architecture, Amazon
  • David Ferrer Canosa - Secretary for Digital Policies, Government of Catalonia
  • Don Tapscott - Executive Chairman, The Blockchain Research Institute
  • Oleksandr Bornyakov - Deputy Minister, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
  • Perianne Boring - Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Changpeng Zhao (CZ) - Founder & CEO, Binance
  • He Yi - Co-Founder & CMO, Binance
  • Aarón Olmos - Economist, Olmos Group Venezuela
  • Alex Saunders - CEO & Founder, Nugget's News
  • Anna Baydakova - Reporter, CoinDesk
  • Anton Mozgovoy - Head of Product, Jthereum
  • Apolline Blandin - Research Lead, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
  • Beniamin Mincu - CEO, Elrond
  • Bobby Ong - Co-founder, CoinGecko
  • Brendan Eich - CEO & Co-founder, Brave Software
  • Bruno Diniz - Managing Partner, Spiralem Innovation Consulting
  • Calvin Liu - Strategy Lead, Compound Labs
  • Camila Russo - Founder, The Defiant
  • Carlos Rischioto - Client Technical Leader & Blockchain SME, IBM
  • Carylyne Chan - Interim CEO, CoinMarketCap
  • Catherine Coley - CEO, Binance.US
  • Charles Hayter - CEO, CryptoCompare
  • Charles Hoskinson - Founder, Cardano
  • Charlie Shrem - Host, UntoldStories.Com
  • Chimezie Chuta - Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group
  • Darius Sit - Partner, QCP Capital
  • David Ferrer Canosa - Secretary for Digital Policies, Government of Catalonia
  • Denis Efremov - Investment Director, Da Vinci Capital
  • Don Tapscott - Executive Chairman, The Blockchain Research Institute
  • Eric Turner - VP, Market Intelligence, Messari
  • Erick Pinos - Americas Ecosystem Lead, Ontology
  • Ernesto Contreras Escalona - Head of Business Development, Dash Core Group
  • Eugene Mutai - CTO, Raise
  • Genping Liu - Partner, Vertex Ventures
  • Hany Rashwan - CEO, 21Shares AG
  • Harry Halpin - CEO, Nym Technologies
  • Hongfei Da - Founder, Neo
  • Igor Runets - CEO, BitRiver
  • İsmail Hakkı Polat - Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Lecturer, Istanbul Kadir Has University
  • Jamie Burke - CEO, Outlier Ventures
  • Jiho Kang - CEO, Binance.KR
  • John Izaguirre - Europe Ecosystem Lead, Ontology
  • John Khenneth Parungao - COO, SwipeWallet, Inc.
  • Jon Karas - President & Co-Founder, Akoin
  • Jorge Farias - CEO, Cryptobuyer
  • Joseph Hung - Director of Market Strategy, Klaytn
  • Joseph Lubin - CEO, ConsenSys
  • Juan Otero - CEO, Travala.com
  • Justin Sun - Founder, TRON & CEO, BitTorrent
  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr - Managing Editor & Head of Features, Cointelegraph
  • Ken Nakamura - CEO, GMO-Z.com Trust Company
  • Konstantin Goldstein - Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Kyle Samani - Managing Director, Multicoin Capital
  • Lucas Nuzzi - Head of Network Data, Coin Metrics
  • Mai Fujimoto "Miss Bitcoin" - Founder, KIZUNA
  • Matt Marx - Co-Founder, PhishFort
  • Meltem Demirors - Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares
  • Mengdie Wang - CEO, Odaily
  • Michael Feng - CEO, Hummingbot
  • Michael Gu - Founder, Boxmining
  • Michelle Chivunga - Founder, Global Policy House
  • Mo Dong - Co-founder, Celer Network
  • Munachi Ogueke - Chief Business Officer, YellowCard Financial
  • Naveen Surya - Chairman, Fintech Convergence Council
  • Navin Gupta - MD MENA and South East Asia, Ripple
  • Nick White - Co-founder, Harmony
  • Nischal Shetty - CEO, WazirX
  • Pang Xue Kai - CEO, Tokocrypto
  • Paul Veradittakit - Partner, Pantera Capital
  • Perianne Boring - Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Patrick Dai - CEO, Qtum Chain Foundation
  • Patrick Heusser - Senior Trader, Crypto Broker AG
  • Peter DeMeo - Global Market Development Leader, IBM
  • Priscila Yazbek - Editora de Finanças, InfoMoney
  • Rachel-Rose O'Leary - Researcher, Dark Renaissance Technologies
  • Rich Teo - Co-founder & CEO Asia, Paxos
  • Richard Yan - COO, Vite Labs
  • Robert Kopitsch - Secretary General, Blockchain for Europe
  • Roei Levav - CEO, Efficient Frontier
  • Rune Christensen - Co-founder, MakerDAO
  • Sam Bankman-Fried - CEO, FTX
  • Sandeep Nailwal - COO, Matic Network
  • Sean Rolland - Director of Product, BitPay
  • Senator Ihenyen - Lead Partner, Infusion Lawyers
  • Sergej Kunz - CEO, 1inch.exchange
  • Sergey Shayakhmetov - CBDO, Sberbank Blockchain Lab
  • Shi Shawn - Co-founder, Alchemy Pay
  • Sonya Kuhnel - COO, Xago & Co-Founder, Bitcoin Events & Blockchain Academy
  • Terry Wang - Co-founder, IOST
  • Thaise Saeter - CMO, Convex Research
  • Thamim Ahmed - Researcher, University College London
  • Tom Lee - Head of Research, Fundstrat Global Advisors
  • Tyler Spalding - CEO, Flexa
  • Veronica Wong - CEO, SafePal
  • Viktor Radchenko - Founder, Trust Wallet
  • Winpro Yan - Chief Editor, Mars Finance
  • Yele Bademosi - CEO, Bundle Africa
  • Zhuling Chen - COO, Aelf Blockchain
Stay tuned as speakers and more themes are announced in the coming weeks! For more details, read our blog post here and visit our event website here.
During the livestream, we will be holding special #BinanceTurns3 activities for viewers and giving away limited-edition prizes, swag, and collectible NFTs at various points throughout the livestream. Availability is limited! Register today!
Binance Awards 2020
Join Binance as we celebrate the standout innovators and businesses that have made sizable contributions, both to our community and to our blockchain ecosystem. Winners will be announced during our live event, and results will be published on our blog afterwards.
Register on Eventbrite today and tune in to the “Off the Charts” Virtual Conference on July 14, 2020, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC).
Thank you to our partners for helping make this event possible!
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Umm, about those "FYNANSIAL EGG SPURT" Bitcoin Price Predictions ..... guess how many were right ????

So a whole lot of chest beating, "high profile", "fynansial egg spurts" made a bunch of Bitcoin price predictions during 2018 and media whored themselves .... guess how many were right ??

Bitcoin Price Predictions by 31-Dec-2018:
By 1-Jan-2019: See article: "Experts Forecast Bitcoin will rise by 2019", REF: https://hackernoon.com/experts-forecast-bitcoin-will-rise-by-2019-f4af8807036b?gi=dfea3c30d6d8
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Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018: how many do you think will ANY be correct ?

Within the next ~3 weeks we will know which of these Bitcoin Price Predictions are correct ...
How many do you think will be correct ?
My answer (for the record): >! Z. E. R. O. !<
By 30-Dec-2018:
By 1-Jan-2019: See article: "Experts Forecast Bitcoin will rise by 2019", REF: https://hackernoon.com/experts-forecast-bitcoin-will-rise-by-2019-f4af8807036b?gi=dfea3c30d6d8
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Exposed: How Bankers are trying to centralize and highjack Bitcoin by buying "supporters" and promoters (like OpenBazaar team) for the B2X (S2X/NYA) attack on Bitcoin.

*Open Bazaar was crossed-out after their S2X support retraction, see edit at bottom.
These guys have deep pockets, but as you will see below, they are funded by even deeper pockets.
We can't leave this to chance or "the markets to decide" when there is such a malicious intent to manipulate the markets by those powerful players. So that's why all the people saying: "Don't worry, S2X won't happen" or "S2X is DOA" need to stop, we are at a 'make-or-break' moment for Bitcoin. It's very dumb to underestimate them. If you don't know yet who those malicious players are, read below:
We need to keep exposing them everywhere. Using Garzik as a pawn now, after they failed when they bought Hearn and Andresen (Here are the corrupted former 'good guys'), they are using the old and effective 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' combined with the 'Divide & Conquer' strategies to try to hijack Bitcoin. Well, effective before the current social media era, in which hidden motives can be brought to the light of day to be exposed.
Public pressure works when your profits depend on your reputation. The social media criticism worked for companies like Open Bazaar, which after weeks of calling them out on their S2X support, they finally withdrew it.
Please contact the companies on these lists if you have any type of relationship with them, we have just a few days left until the fork:
Regarding OpenBazaar:
* openbazaar (OB1) developer appears to be spreading pro s2x fud. someone needs to fork their project
* PSA : Open Bazaars latest investment round was for 200K from Barry Silberts DCG (Digital Currency Group)
(See edit at the bottom)
B2X (S2X/NYA) is nothing more than an open attack on Bitcoin, not an "upgrade" as they want to sell it. This attack has no 'consensus', at all. It was "agreed" by a bunch of miners and corporations behind closed doors, with no community nor developers support. Only miners and a few millionaires that stand to profit from the B2X attack support it. The vast majority of the Bitcoin community is totally against this attack on Bitcoin. Most of those companies are under DCG group:
Every bitcoiner should know about what DCG (Digital Currency Group) is, and call out publicly these crooks and the people they bribed that are working for the Corporations/Bankers against Bitcoin:
Brian Armstrong, Winklevoss brothers, Bobby Lee, Peter Smith, Nic Cary, Haipo Yang, Rick Falkvinge, Jon Matonis, Wences Casares, Tony Gallippi, Mike Belshe, Ryan X Charles, Brian Hoffman/Sam Patterson/Chris Pacia (and all OB1 team)(see edit at the bottom), Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik, Mike Hearn, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, John Mcaffe, Craig Wright, Barry Silbert, Larry Summers, Blythe Masters, Stephen Pair, Erik Voorhees, Vinny Lingham, Olivier Janssens, Jeremy Allaire, Peter Vessenes, Bruce Wagner, Brock Pierce, Aaron Voisine/Adam Traidman/Aaron Lasher (Breadwallet team), Glenn Hutchins (Federal Reserve Board of Directors), Bill Barhydt and Jiang Zhuoer.
Once people are informed, they won't be fooled (like all the poor guys at btc) and will follow Bitcoin instead of the S2X or Bcash or any other centralized altcoin they come up with disguised as Bitcoin.
DCG (Digital Currency Group) is the company spearheading the Segwit2x movement. The CEO of DCG is Barry Silbert, a former investment banker, and Mastercard is an investor in DCG.
Let's have a look at the people that control DCG:
Three board members are listed, and one Board "Advisor." Three of the four Members/advisors are particularly interesting:
Glenn Hutchins: Former Advisor to President Clinton. Hutchins sits on the board of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he was reelected as a Class B director for a three-year term ending December 31, 2018. Yes, you read that correctly, currently sitting board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Barry Silbert: CEO of DCG (Digital Currency Group, funded by Mastercard) who is also an Ex investment Banker at (Houlihan Lokey)
And then there's the "Board Advisor,"
Lawrence H. Summers:
"Chief Economist at the World Bank from 1991 to 1993. In 1993, Summers was appointed Undersecretary for International Affairs of the United States Department of the Treasury under the Clinton Administration. In 1995, he was promoted to Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under his long-time political mentor Robert Rubin. In 1999, he succeeded Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury. While working for the Clinton administration Summers played a leading role in the American response to the 1994 economic crisis in Mexico, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and the Russian financial crisis. He was also influential in the American advised privatization of the economies of the post-Soviet states, and in the deregulation of the U.S financial system, including the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act."
Blythe Masters:
Former executive at JPMorgan Chase.[1] She is currently the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings,[2] a financial technology firm developing distributed ledger technology for wholesale financial services.[3] Masters is widely credited as the creator of the credit default swap as a financial instrument. She is also Chairman of the Governing Board of the Linux Foundation’s open source Hyperledger Project, member of the International Advisory Board of Santander Group, and Advisory Board Member of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce.
Seriously....The segwit2x deal is being pushed through by a Company funded by Mastercard, Whose CEO Barry Silbert is ex investment banker, and the Board Members of DCG include a currently sitting member of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Ex chief Economist for the World Bank and a guy responsible for the removal of Glass Steagall.
It's fair to call these guys "bankers" right?
So that's the Board of DCG. They're spearheading the Segwit2x movement. As far as who is responsible for development, my research led me to "Bitgo". I checked the "Money Map" https://i.redd.it/15auzwkq3hiz.png And sure enough, DCG is an investor in Bitgo.
(BTW, make sure you take a good look take a look at the money map and bookmark it for reference later, ^ it is really helpful.)
"Currently, development is being overseen by bitcoin security startup BitGo, with help from other developers including Bloq co-founder Jeff Garzik."
So Bitgo is overseeing development of Segwit2x with Jeff Garzick. Bitgo has a product/service that basically facilitates transactions and supposedly prevents double spending. It seems like their main selling point is that they insert themselves as middlemen to ensure Double spending doesn't happen, and if it does, they take the hit, of course for a fee, so it sounds sort of like the buyer protection paypal gives you:
"Using the above multi-signature security model, BitGo can guarantee that transactions cannot be double spent. When BitGo co-signs a BitGo Instant transaction, BitGo takes on a financial obligation and issues a cryptographically signed guarantee on the transaction. The recipient of a BitGo Instant transaction can rest assured that in any event where the transaction is not ultimately confirmed in the blockchain, and loses money as a result, they can file a claim and will be compensated in full by BitGo."
Source: https://www.bitgo.com/solutions
So basically, they insert themselves as middlemen, guarantee your transaction gets confirmed and take a fee. What do we need this for though when we have a working blockchain that confirms payments in the next block already? 0-conf is safe when blocks aren't full and one confirmation should really be good enough for almost anyone on the most POW chain. So if we have a fully functional blockchain, there isn't much of a need for this service is there? They're selling protection against "The transaction not being confirmed in the Blockchain" but why wouldn't the transaction be getting confirmed in the blockchain? Every transaction should be getting confirmed, that's how Bitcoin works. So in what situation does "protection against the transaction not being confirmed in the blockchain" have value?
Is it possible that the Central Bankers that control development of Segwit2x plan to restrict block size to benefit their business model just like our good friends over at Blockstream attempted to do, although unsuccessfully as they were not able to deliver a working L2 in time?
It looks like Blockstream was an attempted corporate takeover to restrict block size and push people onto their L2, essentially stealing business away from miners. They seem to have failed, but now it almost seems like the Segwit2x might be a culmination of a very similar problem.
Also worth noting these two things, pointed out by Adrian-x:
  1. MasterCard made this statement before investing in DCG and Blockstream. (Very evident at 2:50 - enemy of digital cash watch the whole thing.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu2mofrhw58
  2. Blockstream is part of the DCG portfolio and the day after the the NYA Barry personal thanked Adam Back for his assistant in putting the agreement together. https://twitter.com/barrysilbert/status/867706595102388224
So segwit2x takes power away from core, but then gives it to guess who...Mastercard and central bankers.
So, to recap:
Did we just spend so much time fighting and bickering with core that we totally missed the REAL takeover of Bitcoin, happening right before our eyes, by the likes of currently serving Federal Reserve Bank of New York Board Members?
And before you dismiss all those hard and documented facts as just a 'conspiracy theory', think about this:
Of course, who thought that the ones holding the centralized financial power today (famous for back-door shady plots to consolidate even more power and control), would sit on their hands and let Bitcoin just stroll in and easily take that power away from them?
So, it is not a crazy conspiracy theory, but more like the logical and expected thing to happen. Don't let it happen.
Edit: Formatting.
Edit 2: Brian Armstrong taken out of the 'bad guys' list.
Edit 3: Welp, Brian Armstrong back on the blacklist for this flip-flop. And added Winklevoss Brothers for this, and Bobby Lee for this.
Edit 4: Due to Brian Hoffman just issuing this excellent and explicit S2X/NYA support retraction, I created this post to apologize for my previous posts (calling them out for the S2X support) and I will be editing my posts to reflect this positive change. I'm gladly back to being a supporter of the great and promising project that OpenBazaar has proven to be.
Edit 5: Added Blythe Masters (How could we leave her out?).
Edit 6: Added links to lists of companies supporting S2X/NYA.
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Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191025(Market index 24 — Extreme Fear state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191025(Market index 24 — Extreme Fear state)


Major Korean Banks Back Bitcoin Startup Coinplug’s $6.4 Million Round Coinplug, one of the earliest Bitcoin exchange, wallet and payment startups in South Korea, has raised 7.5 billion won, or $6.4 million, from venture arms of major local financial institutions. The funding came from KB Investment, a VC unit of the KB Financial Group, one of the largest banking institutions in Korea; Mirae Asset Venture Investment, a listed subsidiary of investment bank and securities broker Mirae Asset Daewoo; as well as private equity and VC firm Smilegate Investment. With the new equity financing, Coinplug said it would be focusing on decentralized identification technologies, an area that has drawn significant interest from the Korean government and major banks in the country.
Johannesburg’s Government Website Got Attacked By Hackers Who Ransomed Bitcoins The City of Joburg on October 24 announced a breach of its network and shut down its website and all e-services as a precautionary measure. The City said it had detected a network breach “which resulted in an unauthorized access to our information systems.” Business Day reported that the attack came hours after the City received a Bitcoin ransom note from a group called the Shadow Kill Hackers.
Charlie Lee: Litecoin’s Fate Is Not Dependent On The Fate Of Litecoin Foundation The Litecoin Foundation now has at most two years of runway left and its co-founders are scraping together a business model to generate more revenue. Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, said Litecoin’s fate is not dependent on the fate of the Litecoin Foundation. The foundation right now only has one full time, paid employee; everyone else works as a volunteer.
NYDFS Requested That Bittrex Postpone The New York Account Closure Deadline Until Further Notice The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has requested that Bittrex postpone the New York account closure deadline until further notice. New York residents will be able to continue to withdraw funds, but may not deposit or trade.

Encrypted project calendar(October 25, 2019)

ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) The Ada community will host a community gathering in the Dominican Republic for the first time on October 25. Crypto.com Coin (CRO): 25 October 2019 Live AMA with CEO “Live AMA with our CEO @Kris_HK on @cryptocom’s Twitter next Friday, 25 October, 11AM HKT.” GST/GSTCOIN: GSTCOIN(GST)LBank will be online GST on October 25, 2019 at 16:00 (UTC+8), open trading pair: GST/USDT, GST/ETH. Vexanium (VEX):25 October 2019 BP Showcase On Friday, 25 October 2019, Vexanium will blast a BP showcase to all of Vexanium channel and social media. 3DCoin (3DC):25 October 2019 3DCoin Weekly AMA 3DCoin / ProjectDistricts AMA on Telegram from 9 PM — 11 PM (UTC +4). Zilliqa (ZIL):25 October 2019 Dev Call “The Moonlet Wallet team will be joining our 5th Dev Call this Friday at 11am EST on Discord. We’ll discuss their vision of becoming Ontology (ONT): 25 October 2019 Twitter AMA “On 25 October, our Senior Architecture Experts will be live on Twitter for the first time to answer all your questions.” FunFair (FUN): 25 October 2019 Bounties Paid “… Your bounty will be paid out in full, straight to your wallet on Friday, 25th October.” Waltonchain (WTC): 25 October 2019 Server Maintenance “#KIRINMINER Mall… server will be down for maintenance from Oct. 25 till estimated Oct. 28 or earlier…” Matrix AI Network (MAN): 25 October 2019 Update “The new update will happen at block 1,420,800, which is estimated to be 4PM on October 25th (GMT+8).”

Encrypted project calendar(October 26, 2019)

KAT/Kambria: Kambria (KAT) Kambria will host the 2019 Southern California Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Conference in Los Angeles on October 26th with IDEAS. BTC/Bitcoin: CoinAgenda Global Summit will be held in Las Vegas from October 26th to 28th Horizen (ZEN): 26 October 2019 (or earlier) ZEN 2.0.19 Upgrade Zen 2.0.19 upgrade at block #610000, which is expected around October 26. IOTA (MIOTA): 26 October 2019 Taipei Workshop “Sam Chen, our Software Engineer, will explain how to use IOTA C Client library & will demonstrate 3 IoT projects running on ESP32 at…” Streamr DATAcoin (DATA): 26 October 2019 Data Union Demonstration “This Saturday, Streamr will hold the first demonstration of data unions, with a community built plugin for users to crowdsell…”

Encrypted project calendar(October 27, 2019)

ICON (ICX): 27 October 2019 Money 20/20 USA Event Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas from October 27–30. Aeternity (AE): and 5 others 27 October 2019 CoinAgenda Conference CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas from October 26–28.

Encrypted project calendar(October 28, 2019)

LTC/Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) 2019 Litecoin Summit will be held from October 28th to October 29th in Las Vegas, USA BTC/Bitcoin: Mt.Gox changes the debt compensation plan submission deadline to October 28 ZEC/Zcash: Zcash (ZEC) will activate the Blossom Agreement on October 28th Stellar (XLM): 28 October 2019 Protocol 12 Upgrade Vote Horizon v0.22.0 has been released, which supports Protocol 12. This gives everyone ample time to prepare for the Protocol 12 upgrade vote Celsius (CEL) and 3 others: 28 October 2019 Litecoin Summit “…The Litecoin Summit offers two fun, jam-packed days with something for everyone.” XFOC (XFOC): The IDAX platform will be online XFOC and will open the XFOC/USDT trading pair at 13:00 on October 28. MEDIUM (MDM): The IDAX platform lists MDM and will open MDM/BTC trading pairs on October 28th at 15:00. ZB/ ZB Blockchain: The “2019 Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference” hosted by ZB.com will be held from October 28th to November 9th at the Four Seasons Hotel Hamburg, Germany. BQT (BQTX): 28 October 2019 Down for Maintenance BQTX.com will be down for maintenance on the 28th of October from 7 to 12am UTC.

Encrypted project calendar(October 29, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd World Encryption Conference (WCC) will be held in Las Vegas from October 29th to 31st. ICON (ICX): 29 October 2019 Decentralization “As a result, the decentralization schedule of the ICON Network has been changed from September 24, 2019 to October 29, 2019.” Ark (ARK): and 10 others 29 October 2019 WCC 2019 Second annual Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology event, World Crypto Conference (WCC), October 29th — October 31, 2019. Insifa (ISF): 29 October 2019 Prototype Alpha “We from Insifa have decided to be more open. Our Prototype will be developed in scrum. This means new releases every two weeks.” Enjin Coin (ENJ): 29 October 2019 EnjinCraft Stress Test “Join us Oct. 29 at 7:00pm GMT for a stress test. Let’s try to break #EnjinCraft!” IOTA (MIOTA): 29 October 2019 IOTSWC Barcelona IOT Solutions World Congress Digitalizing Industries conference in Barcelona from October 29–31.

Encrypted project calendar(October 30, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 30th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the topic “How to store data on IOTA Tangle.” TRON (TRX): 30 October 2019 SFBW19 Afterparty “TRON Official SFBW19 Afterparty from 7–10:30 PM in San Francisco.” Horizen (ZEN): 30 October 2019 Horizen Quarterly Update Join our first Quarterly Update on October the 30th at 5 PM UTC/ 1 PM EST. Deeper look into Engineering, BD, Marketing, and more. Aeternity (AE): 30 October 2019 Hardfork “The third hardfork of the æternity Mainnet is scheduled for October 30, 2019.” Valor Token (VALOR): 30 October 2019 Transaction Fees Resume “It’s September and the SMART VALOR Platform is still waiving transaction fees for all members, until October 30th!” Aragon (ANT): 30 October 2019 Singapore Meetup “Aragon on DAOs and DeFi” from 6:30–8:30 PM. Kambria (KAT): 30 October 2019 Outliers Hashed Awards Outliers Hashed awards from October 30–31. Ethereum Classic (ETC): 30 October 2019 Cohort Demo Day “ETC Labs hosts it’s 2nd Cohort Demo Day. Learn about the companies and project being accelerated through the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 31, 2019)

Spendcoin (SPND): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Cross Ledger Mainnet “Cross Ledger Mainnet Release and SPND Token Swap,” during October 2019. Spendcoin (SPND): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Blkchn University Beta “Blockchain University Beta goes live,” during October 2019. Stellar (XLM): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Minor Release “We will have 6 Minor Releases in 2019; one each in February, March, May, June, August, and October.” Bitcoin SV (BSV): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) BSV Conference Seoul No additional information. Seele (SEELE): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Public Network Mainne launch has been moved to Oct 31 . Howdoo (UDOO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Howdoo Live on Huawei Howdoo begins its exciting partnership with Huawei with listing as a featured app starting in October. Chiliz (CHZ): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) App Soft Launch Soft launch of Socios App by end of October. Dent (DENT): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Loyalty Program “Afterburner loyalty program launch for all 21,6 Million mobile #DENT users will be in October!” IceChain (ICHX): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Wallet Release IceChain releases wallet during October. Chiliz (CHZ): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Partnerships New sports and new teams joining Socios (+more updates and events) will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Horizen (ZEN): 31 October 2019 Weekly Insider Team updates at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA. PCHAIN (PI): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Website No additional information. IOST (IOST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) New Game on IOST “Eternal Fafnir, a new role-playing game developed by INFUN is coming to you in Oct.” Achain (ACT): 31 October 2019 Mainnet 2.0 Launch “… The main network is officially scheduled to launch on October 31.” Mithril (MITH):31 October 2019 Burn “MITH burn will take place on 2019/10/31 2pm UTC+8. “ Aergo (AERGO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Aergo Lite V1.0 Release AergoLite, which brings blockchain compatibility to billions of devices using SQLite, released during October 2019. TE-FOOD (TFD): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Complementary Product “Development of a new, complementary product with a new partner, which we hope to be launched in September-October.” Edge (DADI): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Full Open Source Code base for the network fully open-sourced in September or October. BlockStamp (BST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) ASIC Miner Prototype In orderr to ensure BlockStamps continued decentralization, we will release a BST ASIC miner for testing. Perlin (PERL): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) SSA Partnership “Perlin has partnered with the Singapore Shipping Association to create the International E-Registry of Ships (IERS)” Skrumble Network (SKM): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Exchange Release “3rd dApp: Exchange Release,” during October 2019. EDC Blockchain (EDC): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Blockchain Marketplace “As you already know, our ECRO blockchain marketplace is ready for release, and will open to the global community in October!” BlockStamp (BST): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) ASIC Miner Prototype In orderr to ensure BlockStamps continued decentralization, we will release a BST ASIC miner for testing. XinFin Network (XDCE): 31 October 2019 Homebloc Webinar “XinFin — Homebloc Webinar 2019” from 9–10 PM. Akropolis (AKRO): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Alpha Release “Delivers the initial mainnet implementation of protocol. All building blocks will be united to one product.” Hyperion (HYN): 31 October 2019 (or earlier) Economic Model The final version of the HYN Economic Model launches in October.

Encrypted project calendar(November 1, 2019)

INS/Insolar: The Insolar (INS) Insolar wallet and the redesigned Insolar Block Explorer will be operational on November 1, 2019. VeChain (VET):”01 November 2019 BUIDLer Reunion Party BUIDLer Reunion Party in San Francisco from 8–11 PM. uPlexa (UPX): 01 November 2019 Steadfast Storm — PoS/PoW split (Utility nodes ie. master nodes) — Upcoming Anonymity Network much like TOR — Privacy-based DApps — Reduced network fees. Enjin Coin (ENJ): 01 November 2019 MFT Binding “ICYMI: On Enjin Coin’s 2nd anniversary (November 1), Enjin MFTs will be bound to hodlers’ blockchain addresses…” Auxilium (AUX):01 November 2019 AUX Interest Distribution Monthly interest distribution by Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform for coinholders. Also supports charity. Havy (HAVY):01 November 2019 Token Buyback “Havy tokens buyback, Only in 1 exchange between Idex, Mercatox & Hotbit. The exchange depends on the most lower sell wall.” Egretia (EGT): 01 November 2019 Global DApp Contest SF 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest in San Francisco.

Encrypted project calendar(November 2, 2019)

Kambria (KAT): 02 November 2019 VietAI Summit 2019 Kambria joins forces with VietAI for the annual VietAI Summit, with top experts from Google Brain, NVIDIA, Kambria, VietAI, and more!

Encrypted project calendar(November 4, 2019)

Stellar (XLM): 04 November 2019 Stellar Meridian Conf. Stellar Meridian conference from Nov 4–5 in Mexico City. Cappasity (CAPP): 04 November 2019 Lisbon Web Summit Lisbon Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal from November 4–7.

Encrypted project calendar(November 5, 2019)

Nexus (NXS): 05 November 2019 Tritium Official Release “Remember, Remember the 5th of November, the day Tritium changed Distributed Ledger. Yes, this is an official release date.” NEM (XEM): 05 November 2019 Innovation Forum — Kyiv NEM Foundation Council Member Anton Bosenko will be speaking in the upcoming International Innovation Forum in Kyiv on November 5, 2019. TomoChain (TOMO): 05 November 2019 TomoX Testnet “Mark your calendar as TomoX testnet will be live on Tuesday, Nov 5th!” aelf (ELF): 05 November 2019 Bug Bounty Program Ends On Oct 24th, 2019 aelf’s biggest bug bounty will launch with a large reward pool. The event will run for almost 2 weeks.

Encrypted project calendar(November 6, 2019)

STEEM/Steem: The Steem (STEEM) SteemFest 4 conference will be held in Bangkok from November 6th to 10th. KIM/Kimcoin: Kimcoin (KIM) Bitfinex will be online at KIM on November 6, 2019 at 12:00 (UTC).

Encrypted project calendar(November 7, 2019)

XRP (XRP): 07 November 2019 Swell 2019 Ripple hosts Swell from November 7th — 8th in Singapore. BTC/Bitcoin: Malta The A.I. and Blockchain summit will be held in Malta from November 7th to 8th.

Encrypted project calendar(November 8, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8th to 10th. IOTX/IoTeX: IoTex (IOTX) will participate in the CES Expo on November 08

Encrypted project calendar(November 9, 2019)

CENNZ/Centrality: Centrality (CENNZ) will meet in InsurTechNZ Connect — Insurance and Blockchain on October 9th in Auckland. HTMLCOIN (HTML): 09 November 2019 (or earlier) Mandatory Wallet Update Mandatory Wallet Update: there will be a soft fork on our blockchain. This update adds header signature verification on block 997,655.

Encrypted project calendar(November 11, 2019)

PAX/Paxos Standard: Paxos Standard (PAX) 2019 Singapore Financial Technology Festival will be held from November 11th to 15th, and Paxos Standard will attend the conference. Crypto.com Coin (CRO): and 3 others 11 November 2019 Capital Warm-up Party Capital Warm-up Party in Singapore. GoldCoin (GLC): 11 November 2019 Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork The GoldCoin (GLC) Team will be “Reverse Hard Forking” the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain…”

Encrypted project calendar(November 12, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The CoinMarketCap Global Conference will be held at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore from November 12th to 13th Binance Coin (BNB) and 7 others: 12 November 2019 CMC Global Conference “The first-ever CoinMarketCap large-scale event: A one-of-a-kind blockchain / crypto experience like you’ve never experienced before.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 13, 2019)

Fetch.ai (FET): 13 November 2019 Cambridge Meetup “Join us for a @Fetch_ai #Cambridge #meetup on 13 November @pantonarms1.” Binance Coin (BNB) and 5 others: 13 November 2019 Blockchain Expo N.A. “It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 5 co-located events…” OKB (OKB): 13 November 2019 Dnipro, Ukraine- Talks Join us in Dnipro as we journey through Ukraine for our OKEx Cryptour on 11 Nov. Centrality (CENNZ): 13 November 2019 AMA Meetup “Ask our CEO @aaronmcdnz anything in person! Join the AMA meetup on 13 November in Singapore.” OKB (OKB): 13 November 2019 OKEx Cryptotour Dnipro “OKEx Cryptour Ukraine 2019 — Dnipro” in Dnipro from 6–9 PM (EET).

Encrypted project calendar(November 14, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 BlockShow Asia Summit will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from November 14th to 15th.

Yesterday, there was a sharp decline in bitcoin below the $7,800 support area against the US Dollar. As a result, there was a significant drop in BTC price below the main $7,500 support area.
Moreover, there was a close below $7,800 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Finally, the price traded close to $7,300 and formed a new monthly low at $7,302. It is currently consolidating losses and is trading above the $7,400 level.
On the upside, there are many key resistances for buyers near the $7,500 and $7,600 levels. Additionally, the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $8,327 high to $7,302 low is also near the $7,540 level.
More importantly, there is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $7,500 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. If there is a break above the trend line, the price could face resistance near the $7,600 level.
Review previous articles: https://medium.com/@to.liuwen

Telegram: https://t.me/Lay126
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Jeff Garzik: “Today, bitcoin faces existential threats from forks, developer drama and so on. Knowing what we know and having a clean sheet of paper, we asked what would we build and the answer is this”.

...oh, so that explains it.
The old and effective Problem-Reaction-Solution strategy. Well, effective before the current social media era, in which hidden motives can be brought to the light of day to be exposed.
I will keep posting this until the very day of the fork, with the hope that more bitcoiners learn the true nature of S2X/B2X/NYA open attack on Bitcoin disguised as an "upgrade". This is a 2X Trojan Horse, and do you know who is inside that horse? Top level banker's special-forces like Blythe Masters, Larry Summers, Glenn Hutchins (sits on the board of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and DCG (Digital Currency Group).
We need to keep our efforts to expose and inform people about what S2X/NYA/DCG really is. Don't trust and don't do business with these companies and individuals supporting the S2X attack on Bitcoin.
Those guys are pure greed, they don't care about the 7 billion of people on this planet. Expose them and don't give them your business. Starve the beast. They will regret sticking with the B2X altcoin that will go the BCH way (and all the other highjack attempts before them). Moneybadger don't care and only gets stronger and immunized after each snake-bite.
Actually >99% of the Bitcoin community supports the real Bitcoin. The centralized B2X-coin attack is only supported by a handful of rich crooks and the people they've managed to bribe with their deep pockets:
Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam (ex-Goldman Sacks), Bobby Lee, Winklevoss brothers, Peter Smith, Nic Cary, Haipo Yang, Rick Falkvinge, Jon Matonis, Wences Casares, Tony Gallippi, Mike Belshe, Ryan X Charles, Brian Hoffman/Sam Patterson/Chris Pacia (and all OB1 team), Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik, Mike Hearn, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, John Mcaffe, Craig Wright, Barry Silbert, Larry Summers, Blythe Masters, Stephen Pair, Erik Voorhees, Vinny Lingham, Olivier Janssens, Jeremy Allaire, Peter Vessenes, Bruce Wagner, Brock Pierce, Aaron Voisine/Adam Traidman/Aaron Lasher (Breadwallet team), Glenn Hutchins, Bill Barhydt and Jiang Zhuoer.
I posted this 18 days ago:
Exposed: How Bankers are trying to centralize and highjack Bitcoin by buying "supporters" and promoters (like OpenBazaar team) for the B2X (S2X/NYA) attack on Bitcoin.
TL;DR: B2X (S2X/NYA) is nothing more than an open attack on Bitcoin, not an "upgrade" as they want to sell it. This attack has no 'consensus', at all. It was "agreed" by a bunch of miners and corporations behind closed doors, with no community nor developers support. Only miners and a few millionaires that stand to profit from the B2X attack support it. The vast majority of the Bitcoin community is totally against this attack on Bitcoin. Most of those companies are under DCG group:
Every bitcoiner should know about what DCG (Digital Currency Group) is, and call out publicly the people that are working for the Corporations/Bankers against Bitcoin.
Edit: Brian Armstrong back on the list for this flip-flop. And added Winklevoss Brothers for this, and Bobby Lee for this.
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AMA Answers Week 2 - 02.06.18

This week our offline AMA is back! We had to postpone this last AMA due to the busy schedule of the aelf team with the blockchain week in NY!
I can’t start this off without sharing one of my favourite submissions:
I have no questions. I just want to say ‘I love you’! – Tuan Dau Dinh
This comment seems to resonate throughout the community and shows the support that has grown behind this project.
As I’m sure you could imagine this made it difficult to pick the top 10 questions and we know there are some great questions we have not answers this week! But we have done our best and below are our answers to the questions selected for this week.
1) If you had one sentence to explain Aelf to someone who doesn't even understand the basics blockchain technology, how would you do it? - Mappinus
Every city has a Central Business District (CBD) to support all the businesses running the city. aelf is creating a CBD for blockchain, but it won't have traffic jams (Congestion - Sidechains), it won't run out of space (Scalability - Cloud Nodes) and it will never have outdated technology (Ever Evolving - All Consensus' accepted)... Oh and the people vote for what gets put in the CBD to best suit everyone (DPoS).
2) I noticed a lot of these next-gen platforms are working on Speed and Scalable. How is aelf addressing the issue of Speed? Other than just the issue of congestion. Transactions per second? - Andrae
The whole team have a focus on performance/scalability in general so everything is being built with that in mind. I can't talk about the TPS at this point in time, we will be able to disclose more information closer to testnet.
3) I am wanting to know could you all actually show us how to run a program on the block chain and can anyone run a program on aelf’s block chain or do they have to get approval thanks? - Blu
This can be addressed when the testnet is released in Q3 2018
4) If a company wanted to have transaction speeds of 5,000 to 50,000 transactions per second, how would aelf be able to accommodate this type of speed on a side chain? - Andrae
By allowing a sidechain to utilise the resources of the main chain and cloud nodes, speed will be maximised as it will no longer be dependent on the slowest computer (node), in other words there will no longer be a weakest link. In addition to this, by keeping each sidechain separate, we can ensure no congestion from one project will affect any other sidechains. Should the company want to secure their own processing capacity to guarantee a certain TPS at all times, it could create its own sidechain, restrict the access to other users and delegate its own nodes, thereby creating a public internal sidechain. The nodes they delegate will have to meet their processing power requirements in this case, and the cost would be higher as these nodes will serve limited number of users, but will ensure a consistent access and performance for all users of that sidechain.
5) Tell about your plans for the near future. Maybe couple of years? - Nikita
For 2018, aelf will focus on developing the infrastructure. With the release of the testnet, aelf will actively be working on business development, attracting companies and developers to try out the testnet. In 2019, when the Mainnet comes live, aelf will work with corporations of various sizes to help implement blockchain into their networks with the help of and as a part of the Innovation Alliance. We believe that 2019 will be an exciting year for the blockchain industry as a whole. Solid use cases will manifest and aelf hopes to be at the forefront of the movement.
6) what is his future aelf vision? and what will be done for aelf to have a bigger market? – Alif Budiawan
Aelf's prime objective, vision and goal is the commercialization of blockchain. We want to create a platform that can provide the power and the flexibility as a blockchain network, such that companies can implement and deploy blockchain with greater ease and at lower risk.
7) Does AELF consider the Scalability of Bitcoin transactions to be a serious problem? If yes, does AELF have a solution to this problem in the future? - Jack
Yes, aelf is trying to solve exactly this limitation. The current blockchain technology uses linear processing with low transaction speed and limited scalability, which result in high gas fees and time to confirm transactions. aelf proposes a solution to optimize the performance. Each aelf node can be a cluster of computers working together under a parallel processing algorithm creating a system that is easily scalable and more powerful than conventional single computer nodes. The Main Chain adopts DPoS consensus protocol to ensure high TPS and predictability of Block formation.
8) If I want to start a crypto exchange, how can you help me with technology? – Prateek Sharma
There shouldn't be any reason this can't happen on the aelf network. Our Development team can discuss the specific details of this closer to testnet release in Q3 2018.
9) Will blockchain technology help create a fairer society? – Lee Brennan
Blockchain indeed is here to help create a fairer society. First of all, blockchain allows asset ownership and transactions to be conducted via a trust-less environment, eliminating the risk of single party wrongdoing. Secondly, blockchain allows contributors from the globe to participate and rewards are automatically distributed based on smart contract. This significantly reduces cheating in wealth distribution. With all these attributes, people could use Blockchain to ensure their wealth will not be taken/misused by others, and their honest behaviour and efforts will be fairly rewarded by the system.
10) Can I have an aelf shirt? - Sam
We are exploring merchandising options. Keep your eye out as we will be updating you all soon!
Since there were so many great questions, we felt there were too many that shouldn’t be left out. As such we have something special for you all. We have selected 2 questions to be listed in our surprise section. These questions will remain unanswered until next week’s post. But the twist is that we want you to comment with what you think the correct/best answers are. The 5 closest responses to the actual correct answers will be added into the next week’s post (& awarded with 1 or 2 aelf tokens – if approved by team).
But before we move onto these questions we need to present the answers for the previous AMA Interactive Episode questions! Thebeatminer and D4Thule had some great guesses to these questions. There were 3 questions listed:
1) What are the ages of our leadership: Chen Zhuling & Ma Haobo?
Actual answer: Both of them are turning 30 very soon. The team itself consists of enthusiatic members ranging between 20s and 30s
Thebeatminer: Old as Jeffery Wernick yet young as Blockchain Technology!
D4Thule: 27 and 28
2) What is @floris-jan favorite activity besides aelf?
Actual answer: If I'm not busy with crypto I'm playing PC games - Fortnite, Rocket etc, studying or having fun with friends
Thebeatminer: I didn't know there were any activities not tied to elf in some way!
D4Thule: Snowboarding while drinking coffee
3) Which animal is aelfie?
Actual Answer: aelfie is a mysterious spiritual creature; that is, its origin is difficult to pinpoint. While some suspect it comes from the dinosaur family, while others argue it is an animated form of aelf logo. Either way, it is certainly a loveable creature that has been spread throughout the world and into the hands of aelf supporters
Thebeatminer: ælfie is a Super Hero Anime Hodlr... Period!!! He represents and postures for ælf.io and Blockchain in general. He has many friends and loves everyone equally! I can't wait for mine to arrive.
D4Thule: A baby aelf dragon
Now onto this week’s questions:
1) Are Chen Zhuling or Ma Haobo friends with Vitalik Buterin/Da HongFei/Jihan Wu/ Roger VeSatoshi Nakamoto? – S T
2) What will be the maximum amount of side chains indexed on the main chain? - Mike
Remember to comment in the following format:
1) ‘answer’ - if you are answering the first question or…
2) ‘answer’ - if you are answering the second question
Answers which are not in the correct format will not be counted.
If you would like to submit your own questions, the AMA form can be found here
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Released List of Satoshi Roundtable Attendees Gathering this Weekend

Satoshi Roundtable II
This weekend a group of blockchain and bitcoin industry leaders gather again for the Satoshi Roundtable (satoshiroundtable.org) retreat. Participants in the second Satoshi Roundtable include developers, CEOs, investors, adopters and influencers from the blockchain and bitcoin world.
The retreat is limited to approximately 75 attendees and designed to encourage organic, participant-driven discussion free of the distractions of a conference.
Sessions include several topics of overall blockchain interest and a roundtable discussion on bitcoin capacity.
Please provide any suggestions you have for areas of discussion/ focus.
Partial list of confirmed participants:
Gabriel Abed, CEO, Bitt Charles Allen, CEO, BTCS Gavin Andresen, MIT / Bitcoin Foundation Adam Back, President, Blockstream David Bailey, CEO, yBitcoins Mike Belshe, CEO, BitGo Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock / T0 Michael Cao, CEO, zoomhash Dave Carlson, CEO, Mega Big Power Daniel Castagnoli, CCO Exodus Sam Cole, CEO, KNC Miner Matt Corallo, Core Developer Luke Dashjr, Core Developer Anthony Di Iorio, CDO-Toronto Stock Exchange, Founder-Ethereum/Decentral/Kryptokit Joe Disorbo, CEO, Webgistix Jason Dorsett, Early Adopter Evan Duffield, FoundeLead Scientist, Dash Andrew “Flip” Filipowski, Partne Co-Founder, Tally Capital Thomas France, Founder, Ledger Jeff Garzik, Founder, Bloq Yifo Guo, Tech Develope Early Adopter David Johnston, Chairman, Factom Samy Kamkar, Super Hacker Alyse Killeen, Partner, Venture Capital Investor Jason King, Founder, Unsung Mike Komaransky, Cumberland Mining Peter Kroll, Founder, bitaddress.org Bobby Lee, CEO, BTC China, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Bitcoin Foundation Charlie Lee, Director of Engineering, Coinbase/Founder of Litecoin Eric Lombrozo, Founder, Ciphrex Corp / Developer Marshall Long, CTO, Final Hash Matt Luongo, CEO, Fold Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D. JMA Associates (guest speaker) Human performance researcher Halsey Minor, CEO, Uphold / Founder of CNet Alex Morcos, Hudson Trading/ Core Developer Neha Narula, MIT, Director of DCI – Digital Currency Initiative Dawn Newton, Co-Founder, COO, Netki Justin Newton, Founder CEO, Netki Stephen Pair, Co-FoundeCEO, BitPay Inc. Michael Perklin, President, C4 – CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium / Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation Alex Petrov, CIO, BitFury Phil Potter, CFA, Bitfinex Francis Pouliot, Director, Bitcoin Embassy, Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation JP Richardson, Chief Technical Officer, Exodus Jamie Robinson, QuickBt Jez San, Angel Investor Marco Santori, Partner, Pillsbury Scott Scalf, EVP/Head of Tech Team, Alpha Point Craig Sellars, CTO, Tether Ryan Shea, Co-Founder, One Name Greg Simon, CEO & Co-Founder Ribbit! Me / President, Bitcoin Association Paul Snow, CEO Factom, Texas Bitcoin Conference Riccardo Spagni, Monero Nick Spanos, Founder, Bitcoin Center NYC Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning Marco Streng, CEO, Genesis Mining Nick Sullivan, CEO, ChangeTip Paul Sztorc, Truthcoin Michael Terpin, CEO, Transform Group Peter Todd, Core Developer Joseph Vaughn Perling, New Liberty Dollar Roger Ver, CEO, Memory Dealers / Bitcoin.com Aaron Voisine, CEO, Breadwallet Zooko Wilcox, CEO, Z Cash Shawn Wilkinson, Founder, Storj Micah Winkelspecht, CEO, Gem
Also, representatives from Blockchain, Bain Capital Ventures, Mycelium, Fidelity Investments and others.
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23rd July: Weekly Community Newsletter for Anonymous Bitcoin - Sixth Ed.

Anonymous Bitcoin Community Herald Edition 6

It has been a very busy week, and happily, Bitcoin is looking healthy. A few weeks ago, there was speculation of BTC falling to 2-3K USD. That looks pretty unlikely now, as the price has been fairly steady at 7.3-7.7K USD for most of the last week. A healthy BTC price gives the general cryptocurrency market confidence. ZCL has steadily sat at $8+US, with a big spike in volume occurring over the last few days.
A special mention of an Anonymous Bitcoin admin is deserved: Brad Pat now has his German language website linked to the official ANON website. Clicking through 'Languages' and 'German' will take you to the site designed and created by Brad Pat himself: 'http://anonymousbitcoin.de/'. Congratulations Brad Pat! It looks great, is an inspiration, and it is a nice example of how an individual can uniquely support something they feel passionate about.
A repeat from last week: Why not get into mastersternodes? Passive income from a masternode should be a part of every crypto-investors' strategy. Anonymous Bitcoin is making it accessible for everyone. WTF is masternodes ? (Check out some basics!). Additionally, have a look at @XeZZoR's medium article to clear up some misconceptions about masternodes.
Thought for the week: Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. – Bruce Lee
The next edition of this newsletter will be available 30th July, covering the week of the 23rd July to 29th July, 2018.
Important Announcements and Developments
A few days ago, we had a new video release from ANON featuring Sam and the development team. This video was packed with information and insights into the project. If you have not watched it yet, take some time to appreciate the hard work going into this fork: Behind the code. Spoiler alert! Among the many gems in this video is the revelation that the developers have produced a stable alpha 'testnet'. The August 10th live testnest deadline looks like it will be yet another milestone achieved by the Anonymous Bitcoin team – on time. Also covered was the important subject of ASIC resistance, and we heard that ANON's equihash variant is in alpha and is continuing to be tested for functionality. Lastly I will reveal that in the video was the beta Java wallet, being worked on by Kevin. Something I will let you all discover for yourselves is what Sam thinks no other dev team has done (clue – its near the start of the video). A big thanks to the team for giving us this unique insight into the complicated process that is being executed so well. It certainly is very far from a mere 'cut-and-paste' exercise that some pundits ignorantly suppose.
Jake the Crypto King has begun (and likely finished by now) the application process to have ANON listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. As we know from official statements, multiple top 10 exchanges are targeted. Of particular interest to most: the Binance application has been submitted. Even though this exchange is notoriously strict about what a coin may say about their application, it is acceptable to state that an application has in fact been submitted. Listing on this exchange is arguably the goal of all coins, as it is the most popular platform and has the largest volume. Equally important, too, are the other applications. They are cumulatively integral to the success of Anonymous Bitcoin, and we all await the results.
Bounty Winners
Last weeks merchandise winners were : Darthcrypto and @sov_an If you want to look as good as Darthcrypto, you can purchase your own Anonymous Bitcoin merch at teepublic – or get involved in the community and win it!
Congratulations to our weekly BEST COMMENT winners (3 ZCL) Week ending JULY 15, 2018-
Twitter: @hossamhafez
Youtube: @ReneSchmidtBerlin
Reddit: @Michal_Dubsky
Remember, it is easy to be in the running for this. Simply register and write a comment on our socials. No fuss.
Minor Updates and 'Links of the Week'
After the success of the ANON campaign with PaidThru last week, this last weekend saw a new twitter campaign run and won. The simple aim was to have 111 re-tweets go out, and ZCL was awarded to random participants. Will this be a weekly occurence? Stay tuned to find out....
Now live are Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, Russian, Mandarin, Korean and Turkish versions of the Anonymous Bitcoin website. Thanks to our community members for making the translations. As mentioned earlier, the German link goes direct to Brad Pat's ANON German website. More translations will be added in the not-too-distant future.
On the 18th of July 2018, the Paris Blockchain and Bitcoin conference was held, and Jake was in attendance.
Although Anonymous Bitcoin is completely self-funded, a donation address has been released. Go to twitter @ANON_BTC for the ZCL and BTC addresses if you would like to donate, or just check on the prescence of the funding specified in the whitepaper (11,000+ ZCL ). It is good practice to verify these addresses yourself from official sources. Importantly, the use of the funds in these wallets will be decided by the masternode-holder's votes (i.e. YOU!).
A brief video (made by a community member) featuring the ANON team, Jake the Crypto King in networking mode, and also some of the bounty entries is available for viewing on reddit. If you want to quickly catch up on what has been happening, or review ANON's story so far, this is a good 2-3 minute way to do it.
Any price discussion of Anonymous Bitcoin or ZCL is forbidden on the official channels. The community has, however, set up their own channel to explore their expectations. https://t.me/anonymousbitcoinPP
The Week Ahead
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16th July: Weekly Community Newsletter for Anonymous Bitcoin - Fifth Ed.

Anonymous Bitcoin Community Herald Edition 5

It's surely going to be quite hectic from here on in. 8 weeks until the fork. The testnet is almost upon us (4 weeks), and very soon after that we shall have the exchange announcements. August will also see the marketing campaign ramp up, more advisors (!) announced, the wallet release, EFT news, and more networking accomplished and conferences attended by Jake The Crypto King. Some advice: Stow your bags, and strap yourselves in.
BTC has again lost some ground this week, back to around the US$6,200 mark. Is the bear market nearly over? The astute author of this article seems to think the bulls may be about to return: bitcoin-bear-trend-end-soon . The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has applied to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow Exchange Traded Funds (EFT's) to purchase bitcoin directly (An ETF is a type of fund that owns the underlying assets (shares of stock, bonds, oil futures, gold bars, foreign currency, etc. and divides ownership of those assets into shares). Mid-August is when we expect to hear news of this decision and potential 'bull-flag'. *Late update*.. there seems to be some nice green candles about! Let's hope we continue to see more.
Masternode reminder!Are you still a novice when it comes to crytpo trading? – Why not get into mastersternodes? This is an easy method to be potentially up in BTC without having to watch the charts. Passive income from a masternode should be a part of every crypto-investors' strategy. Find out more regarding masternodes here: masternodes
Thought for the week: A good system shortens the road to the goal - Orison Swett Marden
The next edition of this newsletter will be available 23rd July, covering the week of the 16th July to 22nd July, 2018.
Important announcements and developments Dominating the week's focus was the anticipation of the new advisor to ANON. We proudly welcome Dr. Jay (Jangwoo) Lee to the Anonymous Bitcoin project. With extensive marketing experience, and known as 'The Idea Doctor' (ideadoctor) Dr. Lee is a major South Korean Crypto figure. He was featured recently at the Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 as a main speaker. As expected from a Korean counterpart, he is widely followed on Instagram and Kakao (a huge and diverse South Korean company that is the 'go-to' for messaging, games, music, internet banking, and ride-sharing and taxi services in that part of the world). The importance of a Korean advisor cannot be overstated. South Korea are world-leaders in emerging technology trends, as evidenced in this article: why-south-korea-is-crypto-crazy-and-what-that-means-for-the-rest-of-the-world
Minor Updates and 'Links of the Week' Last weeks merchandise winners were : @serhathasanoglu and SUPERMAN Bitcoin If you want to look as good as Superman Bitcoin, You can purchase your own Anonymous Bitcoin merch at teepublic.com – or get involved and win some :)
The best comment winners (winning 3 ZCL each) were:
Twitter: @Zcryptoadvocate
Youtube: @Michal_Dubsky
Bonus: SUPERMAN Bitcoin (& Daughter!)
Remember, it is easy to be in the running for this. Simply register and write a comment on our socials. Thats it!
Did you see PaidThru's ZCL tweet? ANON implemented another strategy to reach crypto users - through a third party. See the tweet here: paidthruxchange . Seriously, if you haven't somehow won ZCL yet, you aren't paying enough attention! Ready? here you go.. yet another opportunity coming up: JBTheCryptoKing
Jake also continued to build a strong relationship with the current volunteer ZCL developers by meeting with a representative from the ZCL 'Blue' team in Barcelona.
The Week Ahead
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The LIST, programatically curated from the Interwebs just for you! Metro Happenings Thursday April 05 - Sunday April 08

Thursday, Apr 05

Friday, Apr 06

Saturday, Apr 07

Sunday, Apr 08

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OneLedger ICO review and analysis

General information
Website: https://oneledger.io/#home
Short description: OneLedger allows you to create business applications through the tools of modularization, which will interact with the OneLedger protocol through the API. This will allow applications to interact with various private and public blockbodies through the side-chains on the OneLedger platform.
Prototype: after ICO
Person in team: 8 in team + 9 advisors
Are there competitors: quant.network, Cosmos , Aion, Wanchain, ICON
Platform: Ethereum
Softcap: 4 million USD
Hardcap: 15 million USD
Seed round: 1 million USD, vesting period of 6 months with monthly cliffs for the bonus, implemented in smart contracts
Private presale I: 6 million USD
Private presale II: 3 million USD
Public sale: 5 million USD
Token price: $ 0.052
Type of the token: ERC 20
Ticker: OLT
Number of tokens: 1 000 000 000
Partners: Polymath, MW Partners, Trust2Pay, Gvei Capital, Tgo Capital, Qube, Crypto Capital Group, Signal Ventures, Seven Venture Capital, Liunar Link, Dream Edge Ventures.
Legal points: registered in Barbados
OneLedger Technology Inc.
3rd Floor, The Goddard Building
Haggatt Hall
St Michael 11059
Q3-Q4 2017
● Final whitepaper
● Theoretical Proof of Concept
Q1-Q2 2018
● Launch Ethereum sidechain testnet
● Synchronize Ethereum sidechain with OneLedger protocol engine
● Implement and optimize cross-chain consensus
● Add more public chain support
● Launch MVP with crosschain consensus
Q3-Q4 2018
● Enable Bitcoin sidechain to allow for cross-chain support
● Complete decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol
● Complete implementation of modularization tools and compilers
● Implement OneLedger’s Identity Management System and Smart Contract Authorization System
● Launch API gateway
● Launch Alpha version of the OneLedger platform
● Release first version of the OneLedger platform
● Integrate with more blockchain protocols
● Expand business network
Now there is no finished product, and MVP with sidechain ether and cross-chain consensus will only be after the ICO. Alpha version we will have to wait until 3–4 quarter of 18-year, and the first working version won’t be until 2019. There are 2 repositories on the site for the site (not updated 4 months), second for OLT tokens which is updated regularly.
The project uses the OLT token. It is planned to issue 1 billion tokens with a premarket of which 35 will go for sale, 15 for marketing and long-term partnerships, 10 company reserves, 25 public reserves and the remaining 15 will go to the team and the advisers. The public reserve has a period of blocking at least 6 months in smart contracts, and then a grace period of 1 to 2 years (these funds will be used to develop the community by encouraging studios or events). The same applies to the team, they have a period of 24 months with quarterly payments realized in smart contracts.
There are 3 network members who interact with tokens: users, nodes, developers
  1. Users: pay a fee in the network of nodes and / or developers in order to use the services inside OneLedger
  2. Nodes: get tokens as a maintenance fee
  3. Developers: get tokens for access to the modules that they created, it can be implemented as a one-time fee, subscription with a monthly fee, etc.
Regarding prices and bonuses:
PRIVATE PRESALE 1: approximately USD 0.41.
PRIVATE PRESALE 2: approximately USD 0.43.
Bonus from a private pre-share of 25% for 6 million USD.
The bonus from the public pre-sale is 20% for 3 million USD.
There are no bonuses for the public.
At the moment all presales are closed.
In OneLedger do not consider that the bonus on the pre-sale is large enough to crash the course after a reset on the stock exchange.
The OneLedger infrastructure consists of : a Smart Identity Management platform, a Blockchain service, a Chaincode service, and a business portal.
Platform Smart Identity Management : this function allows you to create a single “identity” for several blockers. This is done by creating a master private and public key pair. Each public network key can be associated with a “person” by signing a message using a private key pair. As a result, assets can be tied to “identity” and tracked through several blockers. You can also configure access levels and roles here.
Blockchain Services : The OneLedger infrastructure allows any user to create a private or public side client to work with OneLedger.
Service Chaincode : through the use of the SDL OneLedger, companies can transfer their Dapps to several blockers. SDK OneLedger will allow users to create a “master-smart contract”, which defines a smart contract written in each chosen language. Then the developer can run dApp on several platforms at once, specifying the necessary platforms within the master-smart contract.
Business Portal : OneLedger provides tools on its business portal to simplify the integration of the blockbuster. With the help of these tools, the company can determine what modules it needs for integration. OneLedger will provide enterprises with access to independent developers who can create the necessary modules and then integrate them into one system.
To ensure interaction between different blockers and sidechains, the three-layer OneLedger protocol is used. It consists of the following steps: OneLedger Business Initialization, OneLedger Channel Consensus, OneLedger Public Chain Consensus.
OneLedger Business Initialization — here you define a contract with the indication of roles and their behavior in the business. The contract, defined for the business model, will be generated in accordance with the contract and deployed in various blockhouses, for example Bitcoin and Ethereum.
OneLedger Channel Consensus — allows you to perform interactions between roles. The consensus consensus will require all participants to vote on the principle of BFT consensus, when more than ⅔ voters reached an agreement. The block behind which this pre-consensus block is voted. If the required number of votes is received, then the proposed block is considered pre-commit. If the voices are not dialed then the round goes again. Once the consensus is completed, the block is recorded and distributed to the nodes.
OneLedger PublicChain Consensus — helps to make transfers between public blockers. In the event that a transaction is required between public lockers, the pre-consensus block gets into them and there the validators check whether only one block has scored 2/3 of the votes. After checking, the block is distributed, and the previous block is terminated.
Once ⅔ node sidechain fix this block, it will be completed in OneLedger.
In whitepaper the main purpose of OneLedger, creators, see decentralized cross-channel exchanger.
Other applications are also indicated:
● the ability to move business flows to sidechains
● easy placement of dApps
● Cross-Chain Access via OneLedger Protocol
● support and organization of the whole business supply chain
Is there a need for blockchain? Yes. For the correct interaction of different lockers and to ensure the safety of network participants.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer: David Cao , Education: Comp. science in CUST.
Experience: 3 years as a developer at IBM, 2 years as a senior commercial consultant in Nurun, the last 5 years as a business consultant in Xerox, chairman in CCBPA
CTA : Alex Todd
Education: Commerce at the University of Toronto.
Experience: Managing Consultant in Information Security and Confidence in IBM for 4 years, Technical Director Metrolinx, Founder and CEO of Trust 2 Pay (universal platform for social events)
Lead Engineer : Steven Lee,
Education: Comp. Science in UESTC (a strong Chinese university). Lead Developer SDE in Microsoft — 1 year, Software Engineer in IBM-4 years, Senior Consultant CGI-1 year, Consultant Morgan Stanley -1 year (financial services — 38 accounts)
Managing Director: Edwin Zang
Education: University of Waterloo comp. science
Experience: Soft. The developer in Autodesk-4 months, the analyst for quality assurance in NexJ Systems-4 months, developer LogiSense-1.5 years. Agile Soft Engineer by TribalScale-1.5 years
Public Relations Officer: Otalya Do-Bruce
Education: Baruch College — MBA Finance, Sienna College — Finance and Investment.
Analytic for performance analysis and clients in Manulife (investment management is a large company), community manager (volunteering) in The BlockchainHub-1 year
Senior Block Engineer : Paul V. Homer
Education: mathematics, comp. Science, Combinatorics and Optimization at Waterloo University
Experience: soft engineer Tendermint-part-time 5 months, Bitcount-head 11 years, and application consultant CIBC for the last 6 years.
Block engineer : Jie / Alex Lan
Education: Western University Comp. Science; Beihang University -
Information and Telecommunication Engineering; Ecole Centrale de Pékin specializing in Engineering.
Experience: Business Intelligence Engineer in Amazon-1 year, Data engineer in MindGeek-1 year, Developer & Big Data Architect in RDB.IO Inc.-1 year.
Block engineer: Leicester Lee
Education: Southwest University for Nationalities
Experience: Engineer in Westone Technologies-4 years, Development Engineer
in Nokia Siemens Networks-5 years, Engineer in CIeNET Technologies-1
Trevor Koverko - CEO @Polymath
Matthew Niemberg — Distributed Ledger Technology and Security Advisor
Jor L awfounder — Verifyinvestor.com & homeier law PC
Craig G. B rownsenior — Canadian Legal Advisor
Daniel F ukecanadian — Legal Advisor
Sam Onat Y ilmaz — Marketing Advisor
Gavin K night — Strategy Advisor, Factom Foundation Advisor
Mervyn C hngico — Advisor — Partner — Gwei Capital
Reuben L ooapac — Advisor — Partner — MW Partners
Most of the partners Signal Ventures, Dreamedgeventures, Crypto Capital Group, TGO Capital, Gwei Capital, Qube, Seven Venture Capital, MW Partners are investment companies specializing in investing in blocking startups. Also they collaborate with Polymath (CEO of which they have in their advisors) and several other Trust2Pay projects (they do something like a social trust rating on a detachment, besides their founder and CEO is CTA OneLedger) and Liunar Link.
+very strong hype
+good idea
+ low hardcap
+ a team with extensive experience in the field of IT, detachment, as well as experience and education in commerce
+a good economy, in which part of the tokens are first frozen, and then gradually introduced into turnover and where reserves for the development of the project are provided
+ very responsive team
-Absence of MVP
-The first working version will not appear until 2019
Overall I liked the project. According to the above pluses and minuses, we can say that oneledger, a very promising project with interesting ideas and a very good team. The only concern is the lack of MVP, but since their githab is regularly updated, you can expect that its release will take place on schedule. Among the competitors ICON, Cosmos, Wanchain and others, but OneLedger has a number of differences (they have an article on this matter).
Please remember, this review is not an investment guide, take all decisions based on your own thoughts.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] r/bitcoin recap - October 2017

The following post by SamWouters is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link:
np.reddit.com/ Bitcoin/comments/7a355b
The original post's content was as follows:
Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the tenth monthly Bitcoin news recap. Last month I couldn’t post as I was travelling a lot and missed a few days of news. Normally seen that's not a problem, but Reddit decided to discontinue historical searches for specific timeframes. I know, I was sad too.
Anyways for those unfamiliar with the recaps, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
Now I know the price went absolutely ?? this month, but there’s a lot more going on in the space than that!
You can see recaps of the previous months on Bitcoinsnippets.com
A recap of Bitcoin in October 2017
Thanks everyone for fighting the good fight for Bitcoin these past few months. Just one more month and we'll h...
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World’s first bitcoin mining IPO falls short

World’s first bitcoin mining IPO falls short
The world's first fundraising for an initial public offering (IPO) of a company that "mines" bitcoins has raised 5.9 million Australian dollars ($4.2 million) — far off its target of 20 million Australian dollars. The Bitcoin Group, based in Melbourne, Australia, announced on Tuesday that it had raised 5,927,168.40 Australian dollars in a bookbuild for its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
Although the amount raised was less than a third of the target, Bitcoin Group CEO Sam Lee said it was a "solid result." "It is sufficient for the company to execute its current strategy of expanding our footprint through acquiring new mining equipment," he told CNBC on Tuesday.
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Law360 Article on IRS v. Coinbase

Coinbase Must Give Info To IRS For Transactions Over $20K By Amy Lee Rosen Law360, Los Angeles (November 30, 2017, 4:57 PM EST) -- A California federal judge on Wednesday handed the Internal Revenue Service a partial win in the agency’s bid to seek records from Coinbase Inc., saying the virtual currency exchange must hand over information on accounts with transactions of greater than $20,000. In an order, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley said Coinbase must provide the taxpayer ID, name, date of birth and address for the accounts, but not copies of passports, driver’s licenses, wallet addresses and public keys for accounts because they were not relevant for investigating tax delinquency among account holders. “The summons as narrowed by the court serves the IRS’ legitimate purpose of investigating Coinbase account holders who may not have paid federal taxes on their virtual currency profits,” Judge Corley said. The opinion said the government met its minimal burden to show the narrowed summons serves a legitimate purpose to investigate “the reporting gap between the number of virtual currency users Coinbase claims to have had during the summons period” and “U.S. bitcoin users reporting gains or losses to the IRS during the summoned years.” But other requests were not relevant to achieve the government’s purpose, Judge Corley said. As such, the judge denied the petition to enforce documents seeking know-your-customer diligence; agreements or instructions granting a third-party access, control or transaction approval authority; and certain correspondence between Coinbase and the user or any third party with access to the account. The court originally granted the IRS summons request in November 2016, but Coinbase refused to comply, according to court documents. The IRS then submitted a narrowed summons request for accounts with transactions greater than $20,000. According to Coinbase, the narrowed summons requests information for 8.9 million transactions and 14,355 account holders. A representative of a Coinbase user said the narrowed summons covers only about 3 percent of Coinbase customers and the judgment will not permit the IRS to obtain information from a John Doe summons in the future. “While we remain concerned that the bar for the IRS to obtain taxpayer documents from third parties through a John Doe summons has been set too low, we are pleased that our efforts, and those of Coinbase, enabled Coinbase customers to achieve an important partial victory in this matter,” said Berns Weiss LLP partner Lee A. Weiss, who represents John Doe 4. “Instead, the court stated that if the IRS believes that it requires additional information concerning a particular Coinbase customer, it should issue a summons to Coinbase relating only to that customer and provide the required notice to the customer,” Weiss told Law360. “We are extremely proud of the result that we helped to achieve by standing up for the rights of Coinbase's customers.” Jim Harper, vice president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which supported Coinbase, said Judge Corley was kind to the IRS in finding the summons was not an abuse of process. Harper said Coinbase announced it will give affected individuals notice before their information is shared, which will give users the right to object. “One thing this case has revealed is that the ‘John Doe’ summons may have due process problems,” Harper said. “At the time it was written, notice to affected parties would have been very burdensome. But with the availability of email notice, using the John Doe summons without alerting the affected parties quite likely violates due process.” Coin Center, a nonprofit focused on the policy issues facing cryptocurrencies that had joined the Competitive Enterprise Institute in supporting Coinbase, said in a statement Thursday it was disappointed by the decision. Brian Klein, chair of the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition, said, "Although the DCLDC, which filed an amicus brief in support of Coinbase, takes some satisfaction in the fact that the court dramatically narrowed the scope of the IRS’ summons, the entire summons should have been quashed." The government declined to comment and generally does not opine on pending litigation. Representatives from Coinbase declined to comment. The government is represented by David A. Hubbert, Jeremy N. Hendon, Amy Matchison, Brian J. Stretch and Colin Sampson of the U.S. Department of Justice. Coinbase is represented by Steven A. Ellis, Grant P. Fondo and Shauna E. Woods of Goodwin Procter LLP and its own Michael T. Lempres and Juan A. Suarez. Competitive Enterprise Institute is represented by its own Theodore H. Frank, Jim Harper, Hans Bader and Sam Kazman. Coin Center is represented by Hartley M. K. West, Benjamin J. A. Sauter and Beau D. Barnes of Kobre & Kim LLP. John Doe 4 is represented by Jeffrey K. Berns, Albert G. Lum and Lee A. Weiss of Berns Weiss LLP. The case is United States v. Coinbase Inc. et al., case number 3:17-cv-01431 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
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12-27 09:32 - 'Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/VictorMichelle removed from /r/Bitcoin within 6-16min

Bitcoin™ ️ | Bitcoin Time Mining Due to mining complexity growth, B.TM becomes time miners spent to find the next block and receive the award by Bitcoin™ iOS & Android Mining Programm (CellPhoneMiners)
Manifesto “All Human Beings Are Born Free And Equal In Dignity And Rights". United Nations | Universal Declaration of Human Rights 10 December 1948, Resolution 217, Palais de Chaillot, Paris, France.
Problem Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network In order Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network to become the mainstream used in global transactions, ubiquitous and efficient, it will require a critical mass of users. At the same time, millions of people around the world do not participate in the financial system because of restricting access by starting capital. With Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network activation, 2 interlocking sets of problems will be resolved: - growing inequality in access by those at the bottom to the most basic goods and services; - growing disillusion with public programs designed to address these problems. Mark Zuckerberg argues that automation and robotisation also will take a lot of jobs in the years to come, and that basic income in USA is especially needed because of that. Nathan Schneider, Vice magazine journalist, has also highlighted the fact that several in the "tech elite" nowadays are quite pro-basic income. The need for a universal basic income is becoming more apparent as the world makes strides in technological advancement. The impending damage that will be dealt with the economy will be far reaching and affect many people. With a rising unemployment rate, poverty stricken communities will become more impoverished and cause a decline in livelihood worldwide.
Solution Bitcoin™️ | Personal Finance Exchange System Victor Michelle estimates that Satoshi Nakamoto support a Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network large enough & financial source to paying the basic income may come from Bitcoin™️ Miners & Bitcoin™️ Transaction Fees. Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network is a form of social security in which all users receive a regular, unconditional sum of Bitcoin™️ (B.TM), independent of any other income. Basic income which is financed by the Bitcoin™️ CellPhoneMiners all over the World (social dividend, also known as users dividend) are major components in many proposed models of market socialism. Basic income schemes have also been promoted within the context of capitalist systems, where they would be financed through various forms of taxation. Prominent advocates of the basic income concept include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, André Gorz, Ailsa McKay, Guy Standing, Karl Widerquist, Hillel Steiner, Peter Vallentyne and Philippe Van Parijs. Bitcoin™️ Community aim at using goods and services within the Personal Finance Exchange System and countering inequality by giving everyone the chance to get involved in financial system. Personal Finance Exchange System based on Blockchain & allows Bitcoin™️ Community to buy and sell goods and services. It is international in scope since it uses Bitcoin™️ based on growing cryptocurrency users, so, in 2020 the system may handle much of international world private commercial activity and uses Personal Finance Exchange System to serve as an international exchange system and as a Marketplace. We suggest Blockchain is a means of empowerment for all people. An advantage cited is that a destitute person can begin trading, since it does not require such a person to first have an acceptable credit history or credit score. Regardless of a person's financial situation, each person's new contributions have exchangeable value based on the worthiness of their contribution. We claime that the Bitcoin™️ (B.TM) comes into existence only when a trade happens and, as a result, there is no risk of inflation or deflation since the system is transparent for all Bitcoin™️ users.
Social Significance We Bring People in Blockchain The key concept of the Blockchain economy is that human capital can be treated as business product, as educational and innovative intellectual products and services can be exported for a high value return. The key component of a Blockchain economy is a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical inputs or natural resources. It is personal asset based approach, which focuses on the contributions towards their communities that everyone can make. The Bitcoin™️ economy effect using appropriate technology and methods, virtual marketplaces and virtual organizations that offer benefits of speed, agility, round the clock operation and global reach can be created. These characteristics require new ideas and approaches by Blockchain users. Digital economy has manifold forms in which it may appear and extend radically, creating a pattern in which even private/personal currency will be recognized and identified as a commodity. Personal Finance Exchange System based on Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network could rebuild the infrastructure of trust and caring that can strength communities and would enable individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient, to insulate themselves from the vagaries of politics and to tap the capacity of individuals.
Commercial Significance Invest in Human Development Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network allows for economic growth. People may decide to invest in themselves to earn higher degrees and get interesting and well-paid jobs that, in turn, could trigger growth: Digital private assets; Cryptocurrency market capitalization; Crypto liquidity; International crypto cooperation; Freedom of investments & Individual’s free access to the capital market;
Technical Bitcoin™️ Payments The technology requirements for the Personal Finance Exchange System must be able to disseminate a unified process by which a working method may converge scientific and technology solutions, and organizational solutions. Bitcoin™️ is tax-exempt and uses as a means in Personal Finance Exchange System. Bitcoin™️ Community encouraging exchange service, resist inflation, avoid hoarding, enable trade, and encourage cooperation among Stock Exchanges. Personal Finance Exchange System generates tangible and intangible values. The global economy is in transition to a Blockchain economy, as an extension of an information society led by innovations. The transition requires that the rules and practices that determined success in the industrial economy need rewriting in an interconnected, globalized economy where Bitcoin™️ Community's resources such as trade secrets and expertise are as critical as other economic resources.
Conclusion Global Social Economic System Blockchain economy is also seen as the latest stage of development in global economic restructuring. Thus far, the developed world has transitioned from an agricultural economy to industrial economy, post-industrial/mass production economy to digital economy (largely the technology/human capital sector). That is why we believe that the next evolutionary step is the Personal Finance Exchange System, based on Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network, where the Bitcoin™️ (B.TM) is now being shared among and across various networks for the benefit of all network members, to gain economic of scale in a wider, more open scale the gradual evolution of network economy would create a well interconnected economic order. Bitcoin™️ Community becomes much easier to access results of networked data-bases which promote online interaction between users and producers. Personal Finance Exchange System and connectivity developments such as the Internet bring the global village ever nearer. As a result, goods and services can be developed, bought, sold, and in many cases even delivered over electronic networks. It can be argued that the digital economy differs from the traditional economy in several key respects: the economics are not of scarcity, but rather of abundance. Unlike most resources that are depleted when used, Blockchain economy can be amplified, where Bitcoin™️ (B.TM) actually grow through iOS & Android Applications.
Basic Income Prominent Advocates: Eurasia: Philippe Van Parijs, Ailsa McKay, André Gorz, Antonio Negri, Osmo Soininvaara, Guy Standing, Susanne Wiest, Dieter Althaus, Yanis Varoufakis, Tim Berners-Lee, Christopher Pissarides, Angus Deaton, Björn Wahlroos, Tim Höttges, Götz Werner, Jonathan Reynolds, Varun Gandhi, Arvind Subramanian. America: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Tim Draper, Robert Reich, Pierre Omidyar, Erik Olin Wright, Carole Pateman, Sam Altman, Chris Hughes, Dan Savage, Charles Murray, Bill Gross, Robin Chase, Peter Barnes, Andy Stern, Ryan Holmes, Paul Vallée, Guy Caron, Naheed Nenshi, Don Iveson, Keith Ellison. World: Eduardo Suplicy, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gareth Morgan, Andrew Little.
Basic Income Bitcoin™️ Network
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Author: VictorMichelle
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Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary - YouTube Remember Chernobyl - 25th Anniversary Music Compilation by Ambientaria Records Vaultoro.com - YouTube TheProtocolTV - YouTube FINDING FREE MONEY and INVESTING IN BITCOIN

Sam Lee was once crowned the “Crown Prince of Bitcoin” in Australia. He has successfully led the company to complete the incubation and investment of 80 blockchain-related start-ups, with a total investment value of more than 300 million US dollars. The claims of traders center on the notion that ACX.IO and Sam Lee, its co-founder and CEO, are in the process of pulling an exit scam. Traders are currently mounting a complaint with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission to investigate the case. However, it may be a long time until traders see any form of compensation. The exchange has caught headlines in the recent past but not particularly for good reasons. Seoul Metropolitan police have raided the exchange twice this month after suspecting illicit activities. The police are also investigating the exchange’s executive including the chairman Lee Jung Hoon. Jung Hoon faces serious allegations including evasion of property responsibilities and incurring ... Sam Lee comments: "I am pleased to have this opportunity to help grow Northisle into a leading mineral resource company whose aim is to benefit all stakeholders and to work closely with its ... According to Blockchain Global CEO Sam Lee, ACX.io is Australia's largest bitcoin exchange by volume and order book, claiming 60 percent of the bitcoin market trade volume in the country. Latest ...

[index] [36337] [8857] [23854] [4139] [21768] [948] [44206] [13569] [3438] [16327]

Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary - YouTube

Thanks for watching! For donations: Bitcoin - 1CpGMM8Ag8gNYL3FffusVqEBUvHyYenTP8 On July 2, 2018, Reason and The Soho Forum hosted a debate between Erik Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift, and Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of... Vaultoro is a gold bitcoin exchange where users can instantly convert their bitcoin to physical gold, vaulted in professional Swiss vaults. Joshua and Philip Scigala, two brothers with a long ... bit coin price, bitcoin market, crypto curency, paypal, work from home, free bitcoin, free bitcoins, passive income, pasive income, money, how to make money, bank, bank account, virtual money ... This will explain how to get quickly up and running on Bittrex, to fund or deposit, buy, sell, exchange and even a quick emergency dump for bitcoin. A quick how to guide to walk you though the ins ...