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Will JAXX (and other wallets) support UAHF (aka BCC / Bitcoin Cash; aka BitcoinABC; aka Bitcoin Unlimited; aka Bitcoin Classic)

Background for those that don't know:
On August 1, the UAHF (User activated Hard Fork) is scheduled to happen. This is basically the code implemented by BitcoinABC (Adjustable Block Cap). Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Classic have announced support. Bitmain has said it will throw in mining support. ViaBTC is supporting the new Coin as BCC "Bitcoin Cash", and that seems to be what is taking off. Exchanges are starting to come onboard (notable exception being Coinbase, which issued statement saying they won't recognize the fork, nor split and protect the new chain. i.e. keep your bitcoin on Coinbase during the fork and you WILL lose your equivalent BCC.)
The main features of the UAHF are:
Back to my JAXX Question:
Will you support BCC, the new UAHF resulting Bitcoin Cash Chain? JAXX is the hotwallet of choice for many many users, including myself. I feel that clarity on this issue, and preparedness on Day 1 would be an incredible benefit to the reputation of JAXX. Can you please do this? Can you please issue official statement for clarity. I just moved ALL coins off of Coinbase, awaiting guidance from other exchanges, Jaxx, etc. Anyone not supporting BCC loses my business (and I would guess others) over the next week.
So Anthony Diorio, JAXX Team....... Help Us, to Help You!
PS>>>> This question is valid for ALL Wallets, and ALL Exchanges. This hardfork is going to create 2 chains.... BCC & BTC. Coinbase just effectively said they will NOT honor the BCC chain, nor give account holders their share of their BCC. Dangerous game. Everyone needs to be publicly demanding Official Statements from ALL Wallets and Exchanges.
And if they say NO..... we say BYE-BYE!
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