The Content of Donald Trump's Character

WOODY GUTHRIE - the best of [ full album] 34 songs - YouTube Woody Guthrie Hated Fred Trump Hey Woody Guthrie (A song about the Trump's) by Brian Skippy Barney... Donald Trumps DAD Fred Trump was a racist and mentioned in a Woody Guthrie song Audio of Woody Guthrie singing about Fred Trump - YouTube

BEST #TRUMP INAUGURATION @Folksong by Woody Guthrie against his landlord Fred Trump What Should Have Been A Bernie Sanders Inauguration Day This little bird is asking us for World Peace! No More Wars THIS!! Koch Brothers pays, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation & Mercatus Center distorts Social Security’s purpose. 
 From an old sixties coffee house person, just a little his... Donald’s father Fred Trump was such a racist exploitative slumlord that fok singer Woody Guthrie even wrote a song about him (‘Old Man Trump’, lyrics attached below) after he misused Federal Housing Authority (FHA) funds to develop his Beach Haven project to also be a slumlord for working class whites. He mistreated white tenants, excluded minorities, and scammed the white tenants and ... The song was written, but never recorded, by Woody Guthrie, about his landlord, Donald Trump’s father Fred Trump. This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. 2016 Woody Guthrie, ‘Old Man Trump’ and a real estate empire’s racist foundations. For 2 years Woody Guthrie lived in Fred Trump’s Beach Haven apartment complex. Guthrie’s most bitter writings clearly pit America’s national balladeer against the racist foundations of the Trump real estate empire. When Guthrie first signed his lease ...

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WOODY GUTHRIE - the best of [ full album] 34 songs - YouTube

In the 1950s, Woody Guthrie wrote some lyrics about "Old Man Trump", Donald Trump's father, after having moved into an apartment owned by Fred Trump. I've taken those lyrics and adapted them for ... Read about legendary American folk singer & activist Woody Guthrie's continued dealings with a burgeoning real estate empire's racist foundations (links belo... 01 - This Land Is Your Land 0:00 02 - Pastures of Plenty 2:18 03 - Pretty Boy Floyd 4:43 04 - Talking Sailor 7:54 05 - Take a Whiff on Me 11:03 06 - Do Re Mi... I wrote this one for Woody Guthrie..In response to Woody's poem Old man Trump..If you don't know..Woody rented an apt. from the slum lord Fred Trump..So I decided to write him a song.To let him ... Donald Trumps daddy was a racist landlord and Woody Guthrie was one of his tenets....And Guthrie wrote a song about FRED TRUMP. THIS IS WHO RAISED DONALD TRUMP FOLKS.