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Tezos Jokes - Quote what you like/Add yours to the collection

What's the difference between Tezos and NASA? Tezos is actually going to Mars 
Why do meat lovers love Tezos?
Because it's the best 'Proof-of-Steak'
What is an Irish Tezos investor most worried about? “Forking Tezos” 
Who was the prequel to Tezos?
Jeff Bezos
"How much for Tesla?" 100 Tezos. "100 Tezos! That's a lot of money." I know, but Tesla is a big company. And I think if you look at our financial statements for the last few years, you will see you are getting a bargain and we'll include SpaceX for free. 
Where does an Eskimo keep his Tezos?
In a cold wallet.
What’s the difference between an average bitcoin miner and an average tezos baker? An average tezos baker will have at least something to eat 
Johann Gevers
He was the joke
What's the difference between Elon Musk's SpaceX and Tezos? SpaceX will actually return to earth, after takeoff... 
Who is Tezos' least favorite rapper?
How long before 1 Tezos becomes worth more than 1 US dollar? It already is!!! 
So Tezos price is down 50% ? Sweet. Now you can get twice as many for the same price.
You hesitate when asked what your occupation is, because you think they won’t believe you if you say both ‘baker’ AND ‘your real occupation’ 
What do you call a 3 humped OCaml? Pregnant
What should Arthur's Twitter handle be? Arthur "Not giving away XTZ" B.(@ArthurB) 
Why is baking Tezos more fun?
Because they never get mold
What does XTZ do after it's baked? It loafs around 
What happened when a delegator's wife came home early?
She caught her husband Masterbaking
Pick up line: You must be a xtz baker, your buns are fantastic 
A frustrated baker walks past a bar
How do you pronounce XTZ? Ecstasy 
Chuck Norris is a Brain Baker
No block dares to delegate to him
Why is Tezos popular in the Desert kingdoms? Because it's oCamel based 
Why do Tezos hodlers want a Tesla?
Because Ferrari is owned by Fiat
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Bitcoin: Money sans Frontieres (P.Šurda, R.Andragnes, M ... Cudo Miner Explained. The Cryptoverse Weekly Livestream feat. Matt Hawkins CEO of Cudo Miner Johann Gravers - Global Bitcoin Conference 2013 ENVION Crypto Infrastructure Johann Gevers (Monetas) at Startup Grind Zurich, w/ David Butler

February 23, 2018 by Wealthy Miner. 1. SHARES . Share Tweet. Please share if you find this article interesting. Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares ‘Timely Launch’ The Tezos blockchain project may finally get underway after two board members of the Tezos Foundation, including its founder and president Johann Gevers, voluntarily stepped down and were replaced by Tezos ... Investir bitcoin ou bitcoin cash par carte de l’ensemble du marché le marché du combattant, certains perdront probablement un. Passé, le 31 décembre 2016 relative au plus rapide du 17 de renforcer les cryptos monnaies. Investir crypto monnaie pdf ainsi peut virer des jetons de levier. Puis en raison le marché de logements vides et bénéfices non négligeable ou un critère particulier ... Tunisia To Replace eDinar With Blockchain-Based Currency Bitcoin Acts As Safe Haven Amid Economic Turmoil; Trading Volumes Spike According to latest reports, Tunisia is replacing its self-created eDinar digital currency with a blockchain-based version, making it the worlds first country to issue national currency usin . trending; Is Bitcoin Legal In Tunisia Bitcoin . Is Bitcoin Legal In ... Wer keine Stunde Zeit hat sich das ganze Video anzuschauen, dem empfehle ich zum Vortrag von Johann Gevers bei Minute 36 zu springen, der bei mir mit seiner Rede einen echten Mind-Blow-Effekt ausgelöst hat. Er erweitert nämlich den Betrachtungshorizont und ordnet Bitcoin in einen viel größeren gesamtgesellschaftzlichen Prozess ein, in dem künstliche, fehleranfällige, zentralistische ... Mar 10, 2018 - Explore Coin Hooked's board "Daytrading", followed by 134 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain.

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Bitcoin: Money sans Frontieres (P.Šurda, R.Andragnes, M ...

Crypto Finance Conference 2018, St. Moritz Johann Gevers - Founder of the Crypto Valley ecosystem. Founder and CEO of Monetas. Founder and President of the T... A talk about digital currency featuring Margaux Avedisian, Rodolfo Andragnes, Peter Šurda, Johann Gevers. Moderated by Aaron Koenig. DLD (Digital-Life-Design... Johann Gevers (Monetas) at Startup Grind Zurich, w/ David Butler ... and co-founder of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. Johann is rated as a Top 100 finance leader in Switzerland. His talks ... Johann Gevers (CEO Monetas) at the M-0 Conference in Zug, Switzerland. Lecture 13: Consensus in Bitcoin – IV (The Miners) IIT Kharagpur July 2018. Loading... Unsubscribe from IIT Kharagpur July 2018? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe ...